Mysterious Girlfriend X ch. 47

Well, it’s been difficult month for me, still looking for a job, and my writing task has gone up…. ONEMANGA is no more.  It’s quite sad, but… with the money in copyright’s and the decline of sales, it was bound to happen.. One problem!! .. . There’s still a tone of ways to get scans, and still plenty of good people still willing to translate. .  The latest chapter of MGX is here!

Summary: Concert time!! Tsubaki and Momoka are in the audience awaiting for Urabe to make her debut as an Idol singer.  At this point, Urabe’s boyfriend believes that he’s going to see Momoka in concert.  But, it’s the other way around and Momoka is sitting next to him taking the place of his girlfriend.

Urabe’s come’s out blazing with her lively performance.   The audience has a huge positive response to her.  In the last chapter; she was terrified in going out and performing in front of a large audience.

Urabe took some advice on defeating her stage fright.  She pictured everyone in the audience to look like her boyfriend Akira Tsubaki.  Which ease her tension, and gave her the opportunity to entertain!

During the performance, Tsubaki sensed  that Momoka (Urabe)  performance was making him excited.  She points right at her boyfriend, because of their “bond,”, he gets a nosebleed. Urabe was singing to hi.  Momoka figured it out and becomes jealous of their relationship.  She leaves to go backstage.

Takagi hears about Momoka’s return and confronts her.  Momoka becomes humble and ask for forgiveness from causing trouble for the company.  She gives permission to Takagi to take out his anger on her if he’s really upset.  He skips the opportunity and instead tells her to go out there and perform.

Momoka takes over the place of Urabe and sends her over with her boyfriend in the audience.  Tsubaki notices that Momoka  has the same hat she wore when she was sitting next to him.   Momoka is ready to rock the house.  Chapter 48 next!

What Mr. Mask thinks: Well, this is one long arc!  And, it’s going to continue over the next chapter.  Momoka is going to give it her best!  I would say, everything that is going on is mostly nothing new.  Except, how Urabe pointed at him to make him bleed.  Now that was something new, and this took back Momoka!  The fact that saliva wasn’t needed to give this reaction to Tsubaki.  The art continues to be a great point to the manga and the way the length of time it takes for a chapter to come out, the art will always be great.  Most of the same story has been told in all the previous chapters.  Now, the interesting thing would be about the fall out, what happens when everything ends, Tsubaki’s feelings when he finds out or would he find out?  Urabe’s reaction of Momoka’s being her stand in.. . not much to say but, we need a new arc!!

On a funny note; when Takagi was thinking of hitting Momoka, their assistant’s had an opposite reaction.  One was terrified for Momoka and the other one was business as usual. Their facial reactions were awesome. .


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