Mysterious Girlfriend X Ch. 46

Making some decisions soon on doing a makeover on this website.  Soon, I hope.. need to free up some time.  This weekend was pretty AWESOME.. Got to meet Danny Choo at the ESPN ZONE meet up with FAKKU!  All this took place at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. I noticed MGX new chapter came out.. But was too busy going to the expo for the whole.. When you get free passes.. there’s no choice but to go! I didn’t buy anything, except some shirts from FAKKU!  Thinking for what occassion I should start wearing these.  Finally, had some time to take care of some business.. Still need to do some more stuff for people will notice this blog..somehow….

SUMMARY: It’s concert time!  Urabe is still filling in for Momoka’s role of an Idol, and she’s doing a good job! The staff is trying to convince her that it would be a good idea if she can really perform.  Urabe put’s her foot down and destroys the idea of getting involved in the entertainment industry in any sort.

The office receives a phone call that happens to be Momoka herself.   She gets in touch with Urabe and gives her the news that Tsubaki is going to the concert.   And, for the first half of the concert; Urabe is actually going to be performing.  Momoka will come in a switch places with her at intermission, this is a ticking time bomb for the Urabe.

Urabe becomes terrified over the size of the crowd that is waiting for her to perform.  The manager gives her some badly needed words of encouragement.  He convinces her tha she’s not singing to the audience, but actually singing to her boyfriend.  In real life, boyfriends see their girlfriends as personal idols.

With those words, she imagine the whole audience was filled with Tsubaki! Her demeanor changes, and she seems to be ready for the task!  Let the concert Begin!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Before I start on my thoughts, I feel that this arc has gone on pretty long, already ten chapters and still going.  Tsubaki still does not know what’s going on! Also, it still bugs that Urabe is not bother with the notion of Momoka doing some activities with her boyfriend.  In the earlier chapters, she disliked Momoka because her boyfriend would buy her Idol booklets.  This chapter was pretty simple, Urabe’s preparation for the concert.  Momoka breaking her plans with Urabe, and taking Tsubaki to the concert.  And, Urabe trying to break her fear of singing or going in front of a large audience.  Still wished that this series would be twice month, instead of once.  I love  the fact that the two assistance of the Momoka are so different from each other.  One is enthusiastic about Urabe’s talent, and the other one just sits back and nods at her talent.  I wonder how the aftermath is going to look like, breakup?  Tsubaki being lied to? Urabe gets even with Momoka?  Chapter 47 soon!


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