Mysterious Girlfriend X ch. 45

It’s been a while since the last post, but the reason is that I am just doing manga of as right now.  The anime series that I wanted to do was Da Capo, but for some reason the show never made it to the spring season.  So, MGX is the only show of as of right now.  Some how, I may get hired to cover some media at an anime convention in Los Angeles (AX).   That would be interesting.   I just watch anime and read manga.  I’m not into cosplaying or buying memorabilia.   But, I do enjoy the art…’s new to me…

Summary: From the last chapter Momoka comes across an electronic store and witnesses from the television monitors; Urabe filling in her Idol role.  After hearing a few customers praising Urabe, Momoka decides to take charge or the matter and show who is the real Idol.  Literally!

Tsubaki comes across a crowd of people.  He finds Momoka performing, thinking it’s Urabe.  She’s dancing and singing up a storm.  He witnesses the great talent he sees in front of him, and is dumb founded.  The crowd is going out of control and requesting other songs from Momoka’s song list.

Tsubaki feels a bit of jealousy rage and steps in to pull his girl out of the crowd.  Someone tries to step in, but Tsubaki uses violence to get away.  Momoka figured out that Tsubaki has a violent side.   He’s fed up with the whole ordeal, and confronts Urabe (which is Momoka) about what’s the deal of her trying to be Imai Momoka.   What’s with the new persona of being happy and outgoing, not the usual gloomy and blunt person that he has come accustom to.   Which he also believes is the reason that the saliva was not the usual sweet he receives from his real girlfriend.

Momoka learns that Urabe knew about her before they even met.  The time where Urabe shredded her photo books that Tsubaki owned.   Urabe’s jealousy of her brings a smile to Momoka.  To takes things further, Momoka in a playful way, ask if he had the chance to be with Imai Momoka, would he dump his current girlfriend to make that happen.

Tsubaki goes in the way of the drool, and chooses Urabe.  Momoka, after hearing that, wants him to try her drool one more time to see if it’s sweet or not.

The result is that the drool is definitely different from before, and he urges her to stop trying to imitate Momoka.   Which is the reason he believes the drool is off a certain taste.  This really makes her sad, thinking that there would be a connection between them.

Momoka then asks Tsubaki on a date.  The place is the Momoka live concert.  Where she knows that Urabe will be there in her place.   Which makes chapter 46 worth waiting for.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: This chapter showed how outgoing and talented Momoka really is.  And, how Tsubaki is really a violent fellow.  During Momoka’s performance, the jealousy rage of Tsubaki, the fact that he has to share his girlfriend with other people.  Tsubaki literally kicks a spectator in the chest, to get away from the crowd.  The part that I enjoyed was how Momoka took the news of Urabe being jealous of her for some time.  Urabe took the chapter off, which I do enjoy how a certain part of a story is more focused.  The art of the dance is incredible so simple to enjoy.  I hope to add some more shows or other manga’s in the blog. . depending on jobs or my craft… soon.


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