Mysterious Girlfriend X ch. 44

This chapter came out a couple of weeks ago.. . As for this blog, well… it’s been pretty quiet of late, the reason is, I lost interest in so ra no wo to.  Something about the theme and tone of the series made me lose interest.  I’m looking for a job right now and that’s taken time away from the blog.  But enough of me, more of MGX !  I just love the cover of the chapter.. something about her hair makes this character really stand out in my eyes.

Summary: Momoka’s past is reveled,  she had a huge mishap with a boy back when she was considered a regular girl.  Momoka was deeply in love with someone at her school.  But, had trouble opening up and confess her feelings towards the person she was interested in.   When she became an idol, that gave her the courage to confess her feelings.

The boy accepted Momoka, and became an item.  The boy reveled that he can brag to his friends that his girlfriend is an idol.  Momoka flip for his reasoning on accepting her confession.  Using all her force, she kicked the boy to head taking him out of commission.   That is one of the reasons she wears leg restraints.   From keeping her temper in check, and from injuring anyone else.  Back at the idol company, Takagi arrives and tells Urabe that her boyfriend interfered with his attempt on retrieving Momoka.

Takagi takes Urabe to the stage where Momoka started everything.  She was nervous before her first performance.  Takagi gave some advise, she should sing to the person that she loves the most.  Which was the boy from her school.  And to pretend that he is in the audience, that Momoka will sing to him to give it 100%  on her performance.   Urabe tried to step in Momoka’s shoes and pretend to sing to Tsubaki which he would be in the audience as well.

In the meantime, Momoka is wondering around town and once again comes across some type of media where Urabe is doing her part of filling in Momoka’s shoes.  Looking at some magazines, she can’t but over hear some guys talking about Urabe’s moves of being Momoka.  Upset, she begins to correct them that the real Momoka is standing in front of them.  The story was quite short but the drama continues on MGX !

What Mr. Mask Thinks: This chapter was just a filler.  But, in a way it was some good needed background.  When I’m reading and a character’s development is expanding, it gives the character some legs to stand.  I found out why she wears those legs restraints.  The part that I couldn’t understand was when Urabe found out about her boyfriend saving Momoka, she didn’t really have any reaction to it.  Nothing about getting worried what’s going on between them.

I really enjoyed the ending part where Momoka was trying to explain that she is indeed the real Idol.  The difference between her and Urabe is their bust size.  And Momoka couldn’t admit it.  The artwork once again is very good.  It seems this Manga is in it for the long haul I hope.  It’s a good series… . Next MGX please!!


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