Mysterious Girlfriend X ch. 43

Summary: From the last chapter, Momoka is ready to reward Tsubaki-kun for his heroics and save what he thought was Urabe from Momoka’s agent.  After receiving the normal “routine,”  Tsubaki’s nose begins to bleed.   Momoka is taking back and believes there is a strong bond between them.  Feeling that it’s her obligation to take over the duties of Urabe being a girlfriend and give some satisfaction to her boyfriend.

She decides to give a kiss to Tsubaki.   He stops Momoka from going any further.  Tsubaki begins to question her behavior, very weird like for him.

He demands for another shot of her drool, just to reassure himself.  Tsubaki realizes that the drool has no taste.  It was sweet before, the reason was because it’s coming from Urabe and not from Momoka.  After telling this to Momoka, she’s becomes upset and demands that there is a bond between them.  The reason why his nose was bleeding.

Tsubaki embarrass over the question, confesses the real reason he was bleeding is because he got a glimpse of  Momoka’s breast.  Which got him excited and in any typical manga, sexual stuff can make the nose bleed.   Tsubaki after his confession, takes it a bit further and questions Momoka the size of her breast.  That suddenly they’re small, and is a bit confused because they were always big.

Momoka’s sensitivity about her breast gets the best of her.  And, unhooks  her gather like belt and lets Tsubaki have a high kick towards the side of the head knocking him out completely.

Back at the idol home base, Urabe is doing her end and filling in for Momoka’s absence.  Momoka’s people can only praise her actions and agree that Urabe is real close to the real thing.

At the end, it’s reveal that Momoka’s has had some bad luck with boys.   Until the next chapter which should be around a month or so, can’t wait!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: I really thought something was going to come out between Tsubaki and Momoka, but true love always prevails.  And I was wrong.  Tsubaki can figure out something was wrong with Momoka’s saliva.   I was a bit disappointed that nothing was mentioned about Takagi, the idol manager that was destroyed by Tsubaki.  As for Urabe, guessing from the actions from this chapter, Momoka is going to go back to fulfill her idol role.

Many things can still happen in the next chapter, the new found image that Momoka left at school.  Still wonder how Urabe is going to explain what has happen in the last couple of chapters to her boyfriend.   What affects is this going to last, already Tsubaki thinks Urabe is a mad person by kicking him.  Great art as always, awesome facial expressions.   Next chapter!

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