Mysterious Girlfriend X ch. 42

MGX ! MGX!  I’m thinking that chapter 41 was released late, and it gave time for chapter 42 to catch up in a matter of two weeks of its release.  What a way to start 2010 with two quick chapters.  The artwork is still fantastic.

Summary: Momoka is walking down the street wearing Urabe’s school uniform when something catches her eye.  Some photos of Urabe being Momoka emerges to the public.  The photo depicts Urabe doing a special move while holding a pair of scissors.  Some how Momoka believes that Urabe is acting the part of an Idol.  Thus means that she has to act the part of Urabe the schoolgirl.

Momoka comes across Tsubaki and surprise him by hugging him and showing some girlfriend boyfriend affection.  Tsubaki reacts cautiously by pushing her away.  He warns her about the agreement they had of keeping the relationship a secret from everyone else.

Momoka is finding out that Urabe is not showing up to school, she takes her place.  She figures out who Oka is, and what class she belongs to, trying to blend in the best she can.

Momoka inserts her own attributes to Urabe’s persona at school.  She crushes Urabe’s school’s image of being a gloomy anti-social person.  In class, she answers a difficult question by standing out and doing the work on the chalkboard.  She joins a game of volleyball, everyone at school questions her behavior.

Takagi, Momoka’s agent spots her while driving, he pulls to the side and tries to force Momoka inside his car to take her back to the agency.  Tsubaki sees the situation first hand, and intervenes by punching Takagi out, and running away with Momoka.

After the ordeal, Momoka begins to feel for Tsubaki, if she is really is Urabe.  As a reward, she goes into the routine where she gives him some of her drool.  His nose begins to bleed, which makes chapter 43 worth waiting for.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Another great chapter to a great series.  For every post I do really pump this series up.  It’s well-earned.  As for the chapter itself, I like how they focused on one side of the story and basically letting the whole thing breath.  The last chapter was dedicated to Urabe and her Idol mishaps.  This chapter focused on Momoka trying to be Urabe.  Tsubaki, when his nose starting bleeding, I felt that Momoka’s drool is pretty close to Urabe’s.  The reason I believe is that Tsubaki never really knew the meaning of the drool.  Why this happens, or that happens.

The after effects of Momoka’s actions will cause a lot of problems for Urabe.  When she goes back to school, everyone thinks she’s finally has become normal, and not anti-social.  And the consequences of Tsubaki punching out Takagi?  Are the authorites going to get involved?  How is Tsubaki going to react where Momoka’s drool is the same as Urabe, but he will not sit well with Momoka’s outgoing persona.  As many chapters before, Tsubaki does not want to share Urabe to the world.   And finally, Urabe would feel pretty upset how her boyfriend reacted towards Momoka’s drool.  Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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  1. The following chapter is certainly very attractive to this chap after urabe not know how to chap more nervous than a quick 43 for me, looking forward too

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