so ra no wo to Episode 5

Work sometimes gets in the way of writing, but better late than never… Just woke up this morning and checked out MangaOne for their usual updates…..MGX CH. 42 is out!!!  What’s going on?  It’s only been a couple of weeks from chapter 41..Came back home, still haven’t read it because episode 4 of so ra no wo to  is out.  The story is pretty simple and to the point.

Summary: The group is going through a combat simulation in the Takemikazuchi.  They succeed in the simulation by destroying the enemy.  The platoon is showing a comfort level where they can work together under certain circumstances.

Major Claus stops by to drop off some mail and also a mission for Felicia’s outfit from headquarters.  An interesting thing arose during the hand out from the letters.  Rio is getting some letters from an admirer, which she simply brushes away.  Karuha is giving an opportunity to give a present to Claus, also showing her fondness towards him.

Felicia announces a field trip/mission with the group.  They are to travel the border of Seize and no man’s land to check up on old-era observation devices if they are still functioning.  Also, the group has a hurdled by giving them full combat gear to carry.

During the mission, the girls take a break once they come upon a small river.   Leaving the gear unattended, they’re ransack, taking their food and compass.  The platoon is left with hunger, they come across a tree with berries, but skip it and continue on their mission.

Without a compass, they managed the find the rest of their targets.  Rio, has been tailing the group to make sure things went as planned.  She also provided the many obstacles that the group faced.  Rio also comes across a wild boar which her gives her an unforgettable ordeal.

At the end, Filicia was waiting for them at their final target.  She’s pleased of their success.  The girls get the rest and relaxation they earned. Rio is waiting for them, bruised and with her helmet full of the berries they skipped before.  The platoon leave their mark by carving on the wall of the old-era observation devices just like the fortress maidens from before.

What Mr. Mask thinks: This episode finally had some conflict..pretty small… .when Kureha and Noel had an issue with getting lost from their trail because of the missing compass.  But, pretty much this group has a tight bond.  The way the story is going, they’re prepping up the girls for an important mission.  The writters are going pretty slow about it, the small glimpse of the next episode seems it’s going to be another fun one.

We also get a glimpse of no man’s land.  It seems like a sad place where something big had happened, where it wiped out a society.  Maybe that’s the thing Noel and Naomi were talking about in episode 4.  That could be the dirty secret from the past.  The funny parts of the show is how Rio tries be a strong authority, but the girls always seem to get on her good side.   Episode 6 is next up.

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  1. They should follow one piece and only do a filler that’s a few episode once after 3-4 long arcs

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