Mysterious Girlfriend X chapter 41

MGX is out, it’s been out for a week or so, just getting around and having time to do this post.  By far, this series when I read into it, the pages seem to fly.  It’s always interesting doing this, but once month always test my patience in waiting for the next chapter.

Summary: Urabe is taking back to the Idol company of Momoka.  Where the staff questions about her whereabouts.  They also try to convince her (thinking it’s the real Momoka) that the Idol life is the best thing for her at the moment.

The staff finds out that it’s not the real Momoka in typical Mysterious Girlfriend reaction.  As a staff member steps out-of-bounds and grabs on to Urabe’s breast thinking they were heavily padded, they were all natural.

During the conversation about the whereabouts of the real Momoka, a crew of photographers show up.  The staff panics, then forcefully dresses up Urabe with a wig and outfit to look exactly like Momoka.

Urabe is shoved outside where the photographers are waiting.  They begin to take photos.  Urabe becomes uncomfortable,  she has no other choices but to do a move she did in the early chapters.  Urabe goes into her scissor action.  She displays it not only for the media, but for Momoka’s staff. Everyone are amazed with her cutting skills.

After the photo session, Urabe is upset over the ordeal and takes off the wig is about to leave.  The manager has a request, if she can fill in for Momoka until she comes back.

The staff insist that she stays with force.  Urabe is in a situation that’s going to get more interesting in the next chapter.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Another good chapter.  Can’t wait for the next chapter, what is Momoka going to do with Urabe’s boyfriend?  Is she going to complicate their relationship.  As for the idol company itself, Urabe seems she’s going to do some idol job duties until Momoka ever decides to come back.

The spinning action was awesome.  Facial expressions and the detail, and I just love Urabe’s hair.  There’s so many times I praise the artwork.  A few of my friends which are artist themselves, always compliment the art work of MGX.

At the end, it was well…Kidnapping?  As for the story goes, I’m sure that Urabe can take care of herself.  The manager did beg Urabe to stay, so it’s not kidnapping.. sorta.. . I wonder what’s Akira going to go through in the next chapter.  But, I’m sure he’ll figure something out when Momoka does make contact with him.  The saliva is not going to work, and bust size is smaller than Urabe’s.   There so much to think about for the next month, it takes that long for the next chapter.


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