so ra no wo to episode 4

As of now, there’s always time in the beginning of the week.  Other than that, my other projects are taking up time from my blog, that’s why there’s only one anime, and a few of the mangas.  Hopefully, MGX will be up by tonight or tomorrow.

Summary: Sorami and Noël are both sent to town to buy some supplies for their home base.  This is Sorami’s first time being on a mission with Noël, and the first time going into town. During their run, they’re also picking up parts for the tank. They first visit a store run by a woman named Naomi.  Noël and Naomi have an interesting conversation about a subject Sorami is not aware of.

Sorami witnesses first hand the intellect knowledge of Noël. Her memory is extraordinary where Sorami compliments her every time she can.

As Noël and Sorami are putting the supplies away in the back of their vehicle, a boy named Seiya accidentally runs into Noël.  With anger, Seiya accuses Noël of being a murderer, that all soldiers are the same.  Yumina and Mishio are besides them and apologies for his words, explain that Seiya lost his parents because of the war.  Noël cannot but help that he’s correct, she is a soldier.

Noël and Sorami drive up to a glass factory where Mr. Carl runs the place, the head glass maker.  He’s working on a replacement for an optical lense for Takemikazuchi (the tank) , but is having trouble achieving it.

Noël explains to Sorami that she likes machines. But that sometimes machines hurt people.  And, believes that Takemikazuchi killed people in the past.  Sorami tells Noël that people are the ones that use the machines.  Sorami also gives the comparison on the trumpet, how Rio plays it so beautiful while she plays it the opposite way.

As Noël is sleeping, Sorami tells the rest of people her difficulties playing her musical instrument.  Sorami feels if she has no talent to begin with.  Mr. Carl explains that some cannot force things.  He uses his handy work as an example making a shape of the glass, that the glass chooses what shape it wants to be, not the one making it.

With those words, it inspires Sorami to let the sound of trumpet play itself.  As the sun rises, she runs outside for the morning call.  According to the people listening to her play her piece, it came out great.

Noël tries out the new set of lense for the tank.  The pieces fit and work with the machine perfectly.  This brings a smile to Noël, according to Kureha; this is the first smile she sees on Noël.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: I really like how the show focused on Noël.  But, many things open up in storylines.  What was the big thing that Naomi and Noël were discussing, it seems there’s some sort of bad news coming.  The news could affect the group by sending them to a dangerous mission in the future.  Or, the real reason there is a war.   Many possibilities can come out of that little conversation.

This show often had a lot of cuteness with Sorami, but, it’s one of reasons this show is easy to watch.  War and technology play a huge part of this episode, the way it affects the town.  It showed why Seiya is an orphan, and how Noël may believe that this war is wrong.  But maybe that’s going into deep in that meaning.  The only person left to focus an episode on is Felicia, maybe the next episode.



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