so ra no wo to Episode 3

Monday madness for me, a new MGX chapter is out, and catching up on Ane-Doki which the last chapter is out… A lot of writing and a lot of fun doing it. Hopefully I’ll crank this out by Tuesday, a sudden storm has hammered my city, but I do enjoy that kind of stuff.

Summary: Sorami Kanata is finding her nitch living on the base.  Kanata has the night watch where she goes in the morning for the early wake up call, she’s horrible at it.  Still at it, she continues her duty by doing some morning cooking for the platoon.  With the approval on the taste of the food, Kanata gains some confidence on her skills of survival.

Felicia, Noel and Kureha leave to retrieve some badly supplies for the base.  This leaves Kanata and Rio by themselves, Rio plans on practicing with Sorami with her musical instrument.  It’s a very, very slow process.

During a conversation with Rio about adjusting to life on the base, Kanata suddenly collapses and is hit with a high fever.  Rio reacts to the situation, she suddenly gets a flashback of a similar event from her younger days.

During her struggle with the fever, Kanata begins to let her mind wonder elsewhere, she calls out for her mother several times.  Rio can only watch and try to comprehend what’s in front of her.  She begins to search around the base for medicine.

After failing to find medicine to fight Sorami’s high fever, Rio seeks for help at a church near the base.  Yumina is the caretaker of the church, she begins to bring down Kanata’s high fever with some of her own remedies.  Yumina also refers to Kanata’s condition of a form of Malaria.

During Kanata’s recovery period, she dreams about her childhood which the blonde female from episode one appears again.  The song she’s playing on her musical instrument sounds familiar to what Rio also plays.

Rio reveals some of her upbringing to Kanata, during this it’s also revealed that she and Sorami and something in common.  Which makes this series a little more interesting on that notion.  Episode 3 soon.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: As the series comes back to Rio and Kanata, it goes in deeper on their reasoning for joining the military.  The thing that had me thinking was on why Rio was so skeptical on the church.  Throughout the episode she was always bad mouthing or putting down the church.  Thinking the scene where she had that flashback, something must have gone wrong, and believes that the church had full responsibility.  This was a good show of info that makes me want to watch this series more.


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