Ane-Doki ch. 19

Summary: Natsuki snaps out of her flu like symptoms, and gets ready to do some shopping. Kouta tags along.  Before they leave the house, Kouta accidentally walks into an interesting conversation where Chiaka finally questions her older sister on the time line of their stay.  Natsuki brushes off that questions and reply’s with a never leaving answer.  Kouta, becomes worried that the adventure might be over soon.

During their time together at the super market, Kouta is in his quiet persona which Natsuki takes notices.  She decides it would be a good idea to take some photo’s of themselves, a little thank you for Kouta taking care of her.


After shopping, they both walk by Kouta’s school.  Natsuki questions him about the school’s upcoming festival.  Kouta gives her the bad news that only legal guardians can attend.  In Natsuki fashion, she wants to do it that very moment.

Entering the school, the plan was to split up and meet inside.  Kouta ends up finding something more than he bargain for; Natsuki in Kouta’s school uniform for the women.  He’s taking back on her appearance and in typical fashion gets more than an eyeful.

Natsuki comes upon a few monster mask.  Thinking that they were purchased at a store, it turns out that Kouta made them.  She compliments Kouta’s skills which catches him off-guard.

Shortly after the compliment fiasco, Kouta tells her to changes out of the uniform before someone catches her.  Instead of leaving, she tells Kouta to turn around and begins to change in front of him.  Obviously making Kouta uncomfortable by his reaction, this alarms a staff member.  During the commotion, by Natsuki moving fast to hide, she accidentally drops one of his mask and breaking it.

At the end, Kouta repairs the damaged mask while Natsuki admires his handy work and showing her another side of his persona.  While walking home, a mysterious person drives by them, and knows who they are.  Chapter 20 soon…

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Can’t wait for the day that they animated this title.  Kanade took some time off and Chiaka backed off leaving the chapter dedicated to Natsuki and Kouta.  Natsuki makes it harder and harder for Kouta to see her as a regular person, he’s falling for her more and more.  The picture scene was just too much even for me.  Having a memory in your hand would be too much for me.  The part where Natsuki wore that school uniform, it could barely fit her.  I did enjoy the typical Ane-Doki sexual comedy scenarios.  It’s a reason why this title is ranked high on the manga websites.  This title is almost done, chapter 20 will be up shortly.  I hope…

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