Ane-Doki chapter 18

Summary: The chapter starts off where Chiaka is staying over a friend’s house to witness a meteor shower.  Setting things up for a chapter of Kouta and Natsuki being alone.

Kouta begins to daydream at school.  The many perverted scenarios possibilities with Natsuki dominate his mind.

When Kouta arrives home, things are not the same as usual.  Natsuki is messing up in every aspect where she helps around the house.   Her cooking and cleaning are off, she comes down with a fever.

Kouta looks after her.  Doing everything that’s needed to bring Natsuki back to health, and of course there are typical Ane-Doki moments that never seem to fail.

Natsuki is feeling better  by morning.  And it ends again where Chiaka jumps to conclusions and gives a quick beating to Kouta.  Next chapter please!!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: This is a good chapter.  It’s has been a while where a chapter was dedicated to only Kouta and Natsuki, Chiaka and Kanade took a break from the action.  This chapter had everything, times that you felt bad for Natsuki, and times where someone would wish they can be in Kouta’s predicament.  Chapter 19 in a few days… .


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