so ra no wo to Episode 2

Pretty glad the sub version of the show is available on a day that I do have time to write-up a post.  A new year, and other projects in my life are about to start.  So far the winter anime season is not much of a let down.  As soon as I have time, I would add more shows on my viewing list.  Just something to keep my time occupied and await for more series to come in the future.

Summary: The episode continues from the last one where Sorami fails miserably on blowing the morning horn.  Rio advices her that she has ways to go and will only be allowed to practice with the mouthpiece.

The rest of the platoon are introduced; Lieutenant Felicia Heidemann, the tank commander.  A sleepy pilot and mechanic named Noël Kannagi, a Corporal.  Finally, the youngest one out of the group is Private Kureha Suminoya, she’s the gunner.

Suminoya is giving orders to give Sorami a tour of the place.  It’s revealed that the military doesn’t really pay that much attention to the platoon stationed at the Seize Fortress.  They have old tank models that are in need of repair and other very old equipment.

The problem of the episode arises when Noël is taking a stroll around the fortress and spots something mysterious at a window.  This takes her back a few steps, and alerts her superiors.

Sorami and Kureha are sent out to investigate the mysterious ghost that lurks at a building around their fortress.  They run into a pack of rats.  Discover a school where music was taught.  And, they finally run into a ghost that turned out to be an owl.

The platoon decides to keep the owl as the mascot/pet.   Sorami is finally fully accepted by the group when Kureha goes out of her way to make her feel more like she’s a part of the group.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: The artwork again was quite pleasing to me.  The plots of the first two episodes are simple and entertaining.  I believe in each episode someone is going to have an adventure with Sorami.  Noël, from what I see and her character make-up is my favorite person in the show.  Her small answers plus her personality makes her stand out in my eyes.

I feel that the tank is going to play a big role at the end of the series.  Noël is fixing it at the moment.  I’m sure when the series is hitting its climax, the tank will be needed in a final mission.  Comedy aspect of the show so far makes the temple of the episode fly.  There was a part where Kureha and Sorami were staring at a telephone.  When the big dilemma hits, the phone will ring, then the real plot begins!  Episode three soon..

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