so ra no wo to Episode 1

The first show of the anime winter season.  So ra no wo to is the one I chose.  I know the cast resembles K-ON.  But, as for the story itself, is the reason I’m blogging it   This is the plot from the preview websites.  ‘The plot revolves around a girl named Kanata Sorami. When she was all alone at a young age as a result of war, she found inspiration in a trumpeter she met. She decides to join the army and become a trumpeter herself, hoping to learn well since she is quite bad at it. She is assigned to the town of Seize, where she is taken care of by Rio Kazumiya, her trumpet instructor, and the rest of the squadron.”  I know many other websites that blog about this show, will receive many comments:  “K-ON season 2?!!”  “Moe ambush!”  And, other websites are going to break down character development so they can match all of the similarities they have, or traits.  By this, people are only going to throw negative vibes towards a well written show.   Just enjoy a good show in the small line-up of the winter season.

Summary: The story starts on a dream sequence by Sorami Kanata.  She’s at a young age and comes across a female soldier getting ready to play her musical instrument.   She wakes up in a train carriage with many soldiers.  Sorami herself is a soldier, she volunteer in the army to become a good trumpeter.

Sorami is assigned to a place called Seize, the Time-Telling Fortress. The town is holding a festival where people splash each other with water or colorful liquids.  Sorami gets drag into the splashing fight.

She is found by her superior, Rio Kazumiya.  Sorami is giving a bath, Rio tells her about the legend of the fire Maiden.  While looking at the bell that Rio’s father gave her, an owl comes and snatches out or Sorami’s hands.   She reacts and tries to go after it.  Almost falling off the balcony, Rio stops her in time.

Rio participates in the festival.  Sorami decided to go in search of the lost bell.  She finds it hanging from a cliff.  Sorami retrieves it, and by it she falls into the lake.  Underwater, she comes across a golden wing creature.  After she comes to, she decides to play her horn, in hope someone will receive her.  Rio on the other end receives Sorami.

Sorami is taken back to the Time-Telling Fortress.  Rio takes Sorami under her wing to become a good trumpeter.  At the end, Sorami is giving the opportunity to play the her instrument in the morning call.  She’s pretty awful.  And this ending the first episode of so ra no wo to….

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Very good for episode one.  I know what people are thinking about the character design, K-ON style right?!  Even being so close, the story is completely different.  But, I do have to admit, the character design is excellent.   The opening was interesting, getting into the dreams of Sorami, how a figure in the past influenced her choice of joining the army.  From the cross cutting back and forth with Sorami and the girls from the platoon.   They drew straws to see who would be the one to take in Sorami under their wing.  Rio was the lucky one, or was kind of forced by Felicia, from what it looks like she’s the one who calls the shots.

As for the production itself, I was very impressed.  The quality was quite good.  Sorta like something for the big screen, movie-like.  The story itself was interesting.   I can see their going very slow in the introduction phase.  Two characters were the meat of the episode.  Even though, the cameo’s of the rest of crew appeared, the concentration of the story’s or plots will be taken one by one.  I was very surprised by the music, French??!!  Nice,  I love French music, even though I can barely understand the lyrics.  Just by the tempo and voice, that song was quite enjoyable.  As for the opening and the ending credits, their very catchy music.  Taking a small glimpse at the next episode, and the title also.  The series is headed to some serious drama.  So ra no wo to episode 2 please!!


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