Needless Special Ep. 2

Winter season has started.. Trying to squeeze this one in.. It’s sorta like a pun for the picture below.

Summary: Cruz is still infiltrated the girls boarding school dressed up as one of them.  Physical education is about to begin, wearing bloomers, Cruz is desperately trying to hide the fact he’s a male.

The exercise begins. There doing some pull up’s, or what Disc would say “seducing a male with the gesture of catching the balloon in a branch with all your might.”  This means the danger of Cruz getting expose is possible.

The next exercise is training to bewitch males by a striding on a broom while saying, “when I was young, I wanted to become a magician.”

Cruz attempts to the same exercise as Setsuna.  As Cruz has trouble doing the same exercise as Setsuna, Eve gives him an extra little push, he’s too close to the bar which means pain!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Well, it’s short and an easy plot to follow.  I can never get enough of Setsuna and Eve never let’s you  down.  It’s funny how all of the exercise are so absurd.  I wonder how much Cruz has to endure before he gets discover. The only thing you can do with this series is just to relax and see all the ecchiness  that Needless has to offer.

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