White Album episode 26

The final episode of the White Album is here.  Just to get this off my chest.. I was wrong about my predictions for episode 26.  I’ll go into this at the end.  And, thinking about this series being over, means that my watch list has shrunk to one show..The winter anime season will give me some hope for new shows to review.

Summary: The episode starts off with the Venus Music Festival.  Yuki’s musical number is about to start.  Anticipation begins to dominate the staff back stage.  Everyone looks on and waits for Yuki to start her performance.

Menou’s sidekick continues her routines on the street.  Her own musical number attracts pedestrians from the street and enjoy’s her street performance.

Touya goes on a small rant in front of Rina.  Telling her that he made all of his goddesses sad.  Rina tries to tell him otherwise with her notepad.  Frustrated to what she hears from Touya’s mouth, she shouts that it’s not his fault but Yuki and hers.  She gets her voice back.

Yuki begins her performance.  Everyone backstage realized that she was singing a different song than was scheduled.  During the number Rina makes a dramatic entrance.   It’s a duet number that both Yuki and Rina have been rehearsing prior to the festival.  In an other plot point;  Eiji get’s released from jail and leaves.  President Kanzaki pays a visit to the police station perhaps telling them the story about the painting that got Eiji in trouble in the first place.

Touya finally remembers the item that he was looking for a long time ago.  During a small incident where Touya was sort of the hero.   A young Yuki gives Touya a medal which read “Good Job.”  Touya throws it away, losing it.   He received it after the incident in a way to cheer him up.   This was the thing that Yuki was waiting for.  Yuki was indeed his first goddess.   The rest of the female bunch was to fill the void that Touya made by not accepting Yuki as his true goddess.

All this time, Haruka was the one who retrieved the medal.  Yuki, Touya and Haruka grew up with each other.  There was a small rivalry between Yuki and Haruka.  And, it continued since their childhood until their teenaged years.  At the end, Yuki didn’t win the Venus Music Festival.  Touya goes to her dressing room, he’s greeted by a message on the mirror.

Like every series ending, things turn for the better.  President Kanzaki, Mana and Menou become a family again.  Both parent and sister are helping Mana move into a university that she got accepted to.

Yuki and Rina make a few albums together with their hit from the Venus Music Festival.  Touya at the end of the episode, seems to  be waiving at someone at the school, Yuki perhaps.   I hope.  End.

What Mr. Mask Thinks:  SO, I was totally wrong about Menou’s sidekick getting her break in the Venus Festival.  Which girl does Touya end up with?  Well, in my opinion is Yuki.  Before the ending, it’s decided that he was going to talk to her and tell how sorry he is about the medal, and to make her wait all this time.  The lipstick on the mirror, it would only have to be Rina.  In a way I don’t picture Yuki being the type that would do something like that.

The whole duet thing was kinda over the top.  Rina regains her voice, and five minutes after she’s at Venus, dressed to kill.  C’mon really.. But, I guess since it was the last show why not.. The song itself was good!  Awesome in a way.

The thing that kind of bug me was the whole Touya forgetting about the medal.  Trauma like symptoms.  Something like a medal is something you just don’t forget about.   The whole peeing in the pants scene, was kinda weird.  But, from everything else in the show, it’s just right up their alley.   The parts that lost me, is still.. . what happen to Yayoi? And, what happen to Menou’s sidekick? And the new record company seems to suggest a new player is in town.  Perhaps, Eiji?  But, all in all it was a good series.   It had everything for a soap, but more for an anime!



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20 responses to “White Album episode 26

  1. KingGuy

    Thanks, My mind was finally cleared(something like that) when I saw your assumption that Rina would write that lipstick marking on the mirror. That sex-addict should really go to Yuki, for she was his original goddess right back from the start. I think forgetting about the medal is something related really to being a traumatic experience, like being mocked(though not really mocked) after saving someone. Some parts are still confusing though, and I think this series would make a better live-action soap drama than an anime one. hmm I like how you do your reviews, hope you can do an episode guide next time on So-ra-no-wo-to, kinda touching in the trailer, and also Durarara!(gotta say, there are good seiyuus combining powers here). ^^

    • imnotanotaku

      I would have to agree on the live action part. All the plots points in the series can easily be translated to live action (and the top J-pop singers would easily fill those roles). The part that still has me stumped, why couldn’t Haruka say anything about the medal? As for the next series, I’ll try to do a quick break down on the winter season. The series that attracts me are the ones that no other anime bloggers would touch. Since it’s a small line-up. I may do your recommendations choices. Thanks for reading.

  2. Deckard

    With regards to Yayoi, from what i understood she has long harboured feelings for Rina’s brother. He was aware and reciprocated, but asked for time, hence the letter she read and the air plane.

  3. Neofreed0m

    Does anybody know what the riddle everyone is saying with the gold coin and silver coin? Is it even a riddle? Mana said it to Touya in this episode at the end and Menou said it in the flash back as well. What does it mean?

    • imnotanotaku

      I believe there was a bronze coin. .. In my opinion .. .It’s just how someone views life. If someone would go for the gold coin, it is attached with materialistic stuff or living the rich life with some meaning. .Silver would be viewed as still materialistic, but just with more meaning… the bronze would be a normal life. . .. you can compare it to gold for Rina, silver for Yuki and bronze for Menou or Haruka. … ..

      • Neofreed0m

        Wow, that’s deep.


      • Mike

        There was also the gold/silver/bronze axe thing… it’s about honesty – guy drops bronze axe in river, god comes out (maybe god was taking a bath?) and shows him a gold axe and asks him if that’s his, he says no, then silver, he says no again, then bronze, then he says yes, rewarding his honesty god gives him all the axes.

        Touya chose bronze, maybe showing he’s finally being honest with himself, choosing Yuki, and by doing so, everything is resolved and good again. Mina replies saying ‘u stupid?’, meaning it’s the correct answer lol.

        imo the series didn’t end well, there wasn’t enough to show where everything was going, the ending’s just as indecisive as the main character. It wasn’t much of a ‘wow wt an amazing ending’ either, the fact that i have to visit blogs to see other people’s views on it show how unclear it was.

        ….yayoi is hot lol

      • Neofreed0m

        So you are saying Touya got all three “axes?”

        Well all joking aside, thanks for the info. It really is about the axes. The golden axe is a story from Aesop’s fable. I never knew that.

        I also think that this second season was a mess. It wasn’t too bad, but it was very sloppy. I think it was because they change directors from the first season to this season so the setup from the first season didn’t make any sense.

  4. Amy

    the ending, where Touya gets a piece of paper by yayoi. It is signed by yuki.
    Then you say Rina wrote the message on the mirror… i don’t get it ^^;
    and i don’t get the contents of the desk in the miror scene, and how he says he’s going into the building after talking to Haruka, after that it’s the mirror scene. But after the mirror scene he is still out side with Haruka saying he’s going in
    ._. some episodes are sooo complicated
    like one of them is when yayoi says she never loved him and that she hated him o.e … very confusing

    • imnotanotaku

      The reason I wrote it was Rina that wrote on the mirror was, the message would have been of someone that was temporally in someone’s life. Rina and Touya were only involved with each other for a short time. Where as Yuki, they had some kind of relationship together of some kind (BF, GF, or just friends). I think the whole Haruka thing is something of jumping scene to scene, crossing actually time.. It’s hard to explain, but it’s another way to explain time in any scene, anime, film, show, …. . Yayoi, deep down liked him, not love him. She became obsessed with lust over Touya. But she was all about business.. Basically, she did everything she can to make Yuki succeed.. White Album is pretty confusing at time.. It’s something that you may have to watch over.. It’s more of the big picture type of thing.. .

  5. CanadianCole


    To summarize my feelings after watching the full anime of “White Album” is that I was satisfied and happy to discover it wasn’t another “School Days.”

    Furthermore, the ending that disappointed and confused so many was oddly suiting to an anime that really kept you guessing the whole way through. I enjoyed it, and I feel I understand the intent.

    White Album introduces a cast of characters that have a wide variety or roles to play, and usually you find at one episode you love and cherish each one of them for individual reasons, and then hate them the very next episode. There is no good guy, or clear cut hero that stayed true and honest and honest and righteous, to earn the viewers trust. The characters, like the humanity they mirror are all deceitful and manipulating in their own way. Even the innocent Yuki, who could have stepped forward on the first day of highschool and confronted Touya [removing the need for a series I might add lol] lied her way through a fake relationship she knew was nothing more than icing on a rotten cake. Grow a backbone girl and whip your man into shape, else you’ll forever be crying as you listen to his fabrications on your message machine!

    So after 26 episodes of drama and betrayal and heartache, you finally learn that:

    Misaki moved on, after Touya’s father passed away, she was officially over him, but they consumated their relationship as a way to solidify her resolve to walk away.

    Haruka also moved on, having been healed by Mana, she resumed Tennis and her recovery is evidenced by the incident with Akira being hit by the truck, her ability to maintain her composure shows she’s recovered as a person. [[Ironically…Her one night stand with Touya was enough to send her cold turkey. He must be really bad in bed…]

    Mana, Menou both moved on, though neither truly loved Touya, but rather each thought the other was in love with him. [Mana was always so interested in Touyas love life because she knew of her real sisters feelings and their history together. This is evidenced when Mana SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED Touya as her tutor, a ruse to learn more about him.] Menous mistakes this as her sister having feelings for Touya and re-inserts herself into Touyas life to help lift the veil on his past. [This is my opinion though.] In the end they both harbor feelings for Touya, though moving away physically symbolizes the end of the feelings too.

    Yayoi has always been truly in love with Eigi Ogata, [Rinas older brother], and was obsessed with Yuki and her success because Eigi himself was obsessed with Yuki and her success. She sacrificed a lot of herself and genuinely felt guilty for her role in Touya’s troubled year, but her love for Eigi held fast…probably the purest love represented by the whole anime…if not a little dom/sub lick my boots creepy 😛

    Rina moves on as well, using the same red lipstick as in the eipsode where Eigi marks the math on the mirror “46701” to say a curt and final farewell to her “half-love” It is just like Rina to be strong enough to say goodbye in such a blunt and heartless way. Surely it was hard for her to walk away from him, the first man she had ever felt anything for…She had shown him her weaknesses, and even cried in front of him…but she was also strong enough to realize that her love of him wasn’t real….and that she could move on and be happy with someone else. She didn’t have the patience that Yuki did in waiting so long for Touya to remember just how important she was in his life…or the fortitude to stand up to Yuki’s claim. [I personally liked Rinas character out of all the girls.]

    Finally Yuki would forgive Touya his confused cheating and mistaken romances, reseting their relationship to the pure innocent partnership it was always destined to be. With everything honest and in the open, and the other women “Goddesses'” Set free from Touya’s life…he could genuinely thank and value the only real goddess in his sad little existence. The false goddesses having been uncrowned and revealed to be nothing more than girls in love with him and desiring him. It could be no other person at the end…waving back. She waited years for him…she wouldn’t walk away when his heart was finally in her gentle hands. [[Though…If he is as bad in deb as I imagine..the relationship might not last long.]]

    Finally I think White Album is a cautionary tail, that warns people about abusing their friends and people that enter their lives. Don’t sweet talk or lead people on with affectionate or flirtatious words when you really don’t mean them. Running around calling lonely insecure women “Goddess'” is surely going to catch them off guard and get their hearts a thump thumping. Inserting yourself into their lives with a dramatic exclamation that they and only they are your goddess of the day, and they have single handidly made your life better by their mere presence. Be candid, and honest and clear when you talk with people, especially if you think they might be starting to develop feelings for you.

    Later Days!


    • lee

      this makes it all clear.
      i do like rina’s character but i do hope he will end up with yuki. i dont know..it just doesnt feel right when he already remembered then she would reject him..hehe
      and yuki also mentioned that she wouldnt stop waiting for him…right?
      its just that she was the one who loved touya the most in the entire series.(maybe, because of the way she was shown)

    • I fully agree with CanadianCole opinion. I personally liked Rinas character out of all the girls, Rinas is the best. She is the only one survived from the cheap sex playing. The fact is that Touya failed to take Rinas to his bed :p

      Eventough i believe that Touma in White Album 2 is better than Rina and all the girl in White Album 1 but Both of Rina and Touma are still the best figure ini White Album’s movie. Their character is unique and not boring. Hopefully this type of character will be back in the next white album season.

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  7. Memo

    New new player in town was Nanase he owner of Echos remember he was alled daddy long legs or it might have been Rina’s between those 2.Anyways he definetly ended up with Yuki yet it bothers me that they don’t have a final scene together after us never saying them together towards the last episodes which is very disappointing.

  8. I personally liked Rinas character out of all the girls, Rinas is the best. She is the only one survived from the cheap sex playing. The fact is that Touya failed to take Rinas to his bed :p

    Eventough i believe that Touma in White Album 2 is better than Rina and all the girl in White Album 1 but Both of Rina and Touma are still the best figure ini White Album’s movie. Their character is unique and not boring. Hopefully this type of character will be back in the next white album season.

  9. David

    I have one question still unanswered. The note that Yayoi gave Touya with Yuki name on it. The numbers 01004. Is that a phone number or paper codes like used in an earlier episode?

  10. Wayout

    It was paper codes. It is saying 待ってます, “I am waiting.”

  11. Rin Rendar

    I believe Rina left that note simply because she had possession of it, memorized it, and recited it back. Plus Touya was Rina’s assistant, so it would only make sense that hers was the dressing room he would go to. Also, Daddy Lady no Legs is the reference to the Owner of Echoes. He was the one who raised Rina and her brother after their mother abandoned them and their father died. He and their dad were good friends.

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