Ane-Doki chapter 17

Summary: Kanade confronts Kouta about the whole kissing situation.  She leads Kouta to a playground where they have some privacy.  During the conversation, she tells Kouta they need to cool it for a week.  Not to even acknowledge each other.  Kouta freaks out, telling her that he’ll take full responsiblity.  Kanade suggest the way to defeat a rumor is to only to leave it alone.

Feeling bad for Kouta, she suggest that they can do a week’s worth of talking.  Kouta, regains his senses and realized that their alone.  Many thoughts enter his mind; being close to her, she smells good, ect.. .

In a typical Ane-Doki comedy fashion; some of Kanade’s classmates happen to be standing outside where Kouta and Kanade are hiding out.  They begin to panic, and seem to go on top of each other.

After all the commotion of avoiding getting discovered.  They both head to the swings, and have some fun together.  Kouta notices how beautiful Kanade really is.  Before something interrupts them again, Kouta questions Kanade; if she really did give him a kiss.  She answers by giving him a question.  His question is never answered..

A week has passed.  Both Kanade and Kouta have ignored each other in attempt of killing the rumor between them.  At the end, it seems to work.  The students were talking about the other happenings at their school.  Kanade is waiting for Kouta in a classroom.  By themselves.  Chapter 18 soon. . .

What Mr. Mask Thinks: The first part in the playground scene, I loved the fact that Kouta had trouble finding something to talk about.  Natsuki, by her only doing anything, drinking water, eating some food.  Kouta always finds Natsuki’s beautiful pose.  He’s so into her.  Chiaka, acted in her typical fashion which always entertains me.  Kanade pretty much in this chapter let Kouta stay in the dark with the kiss possibility.  At the end, Kanade did really miss Kouta.  Kouta may dedicate more time into Kanade than Natsuki… I doubt it… but, it would be nice for a change once in a while..


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