White Album Episode 25

Episode 25 is here, they subbed it earlier in the day.  I don’t have time before going to work tomorrow, and being busy throughout the week leading up to Christmas.  And, of course, leading up to the 26th and final episode of White Album.

Yayoi picks up Yuki from Touya’s apartment, where there’s an awkward situation brewing.  Before she leaves, Menou gives her some encouraging words for her to do well at the upcoming concert event.

Rina is staying at a hospital after drinking a tea laced with poison.  It not kill her, but it did damage to her singing ability.  As of right now, she’s out the running for the Venus Musical Festival.  She advices Yuki through a note pad that she has other things to worry about, and not to worry about her.

Yayoi and Touya have it out while Yuki is doing something elsewhere.  Yayoi explains that he doesn’t want Yuki anymore because of her encounter with Eiji.  That Touya doesn’t know how to love anyone.  That she always hated him.  Touya didn’t believe her and embraces Yayoi to prove a point.  With some emotion, she embraces back, meaning  that she still has something for him.

Touya asked Akira for some help finding the culprit that poison Rina’s drink.  They both figure out that it was an inside job.  Someone that worked in the company, that person would be the only person that knew Rina’s schedule.

Rina attempts to sing and get ready for Venus.  The attempt failed and has not regain her voice.  With agony she gets a visit from president Kanzaki.  She apologizes to Rina for failing her, and not taking care of Rina’s safety.

Touya begins to remember his childhood past.  How Menou came in to his life.  How she became his savior goddess.  Touya was simply looking for something in the garden, and Menou came to save the day.  Tamaru back then disliked Touya from the very beginning.  For Menou treating Touya better that him.  But,  Menou meeting Touya again at this time period was merely a coincidence.  Menou also advices Touya that she gave up everything to have a chance to be with Touya.

Venus Music Festival has started.  While Rina is still at the hospital with Touya.  Yuki is about to start her solo performance, and from that, it will be leading to the final episode of the White Album.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: I strongly believe that Menou’s sidekick is going to make an impact in the final episode.  Maybe she’ll be the one taking Rina’s place.  That would be a good story twist.  The kid with talent finally gets rewarded.  The Menou story arc gets better and better by every passing episode.  In a way, I want Touya to end up with Menou.  Yes, even though he’ll have to give up Yuki, Rina, Yayoi, Haruka and Misaki.  That’s a lot of women for one garbage of a person.  But, it would only be fitting, meeting at a young age, and meeting again at an older age, it just makes the perfect story.

Rina seems to have trouble shaking off the string of bad luck.  Haruka, Mana and Misaki took the day off from this episode.  The whole Yayoi scene was pretty good, the voices actors really played it out good.  Yayoi was completely lying and still has something for Touya.  He knew it, that’s why without regard he grabbed her and embraces her.   The whole Tamaru  arc is beginning to go on my bad side, I hope his story goes for a turn for the worse.  One more episode to go, and I cannot wait.   White Album episode 26 is next!

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