White Album Episode 24

Have the time and energy today.  Onward with Ep 24.  This show is getting interesting and more interesting.  Whether the show ends on terms that I agree is my hope, if not, it’s still fine with me.

Summary:  Menou’s scandal hits the newspapers.  The secret is out, now is more of a public reaction waiting to become involved. As the media goes an all out assault trying to find out the truth.  President Kanzaki goes into hiding.  Media are also posted at the Ogata Productions waiting for Eiji Ogata. Television shows begin run specials on Menou’s past.

The police become involved as well looking for Eiji.  He’s accused of fraud and tax evasion on the artwork that he owns.  It seems that someone had set him up, and he knows who it is.

Rina tells president Kanzaki that she will be taking Menou’s place for Venus.  She will also be singing the song that Menou was going to use for the festival.

The voice behind Menou is a music group of her own.  Sitting in an apartment alone, it’s reveal she done everything in Menou’s albums.  From vocals to musical instruments.

In the midst of the scandal, Menou finds refuge in Touya’s apartment.  She tells Touya the reason for breaking her silence.  She want’s Touya for herself, she knew that Rina will take her place at Venus.  Also, that she met Touya a long time ago when they were kids.

Yuki, after a few rehearsal runs of her new song.  She goes in search for Eiji.  She finds him, and embrace each other.  Eiji gets the wrong idea and goes for an advance on Yuki.  She pushes him off, shocked, and leaves in a very awkward manner.

At the end of the episode, Rina drinks a mysterious beverage that looked an acid type liquid.  Eiji calls the police to actually turn himself in.  Yuki rushes to Touya’s apartment for some comfort and finds Menou in the background, another great episode of White Album.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Touya in this episode cooled it off when it came to the females.  I really felt bad for Menou’s sidekick.  The way she’s just thrown to the side. But, I have a gut feeling she’s going to play a big role at the Venus Music Festival.  The whole episode seem be a downer for everyone.

I never thought Eiji would try to kiss Yuki.  Although, when someone’s world is turned up side down, everything else is tossed to the side.  After this, the awkward feeling will dominate in their next encounter.  But, Yuki is a very forgiving person, that everything will be fine between Eiji and her.  Touya’s finally losing some feelings for Yuki, after all the other encounters, and the words from his father.  He realizes that Yuki may not be the one.  And, Menou is his goddess from the past. Things are getting a little bit complicated for Touya (garbage).  Episode 25 is next!


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