White Album episode 23

White Album is turning out to be a great anime.  If this style is up your alley, (soap like) this is it.. As some story angles at first seem to bother me, meaning this arcs were not needed.  I’ll take it as it is.. When it comes together the way it has, I’ll accept it.

Summary: Yayoi calls Yuki to advise her that she has been accepted to the Venus Music Festival.  Yuki also finds out the M3 status about the festival, Menou has been chosen instead of Rina.  It doesn’t bold over well with Yuki. Eiji begins to work a new song with her, it involves playing the piano.

Misaki calls Touya to vent.  During the conversation she tells him the happenings in her life in the last couple of days.  She also tells Touya that she’s done with Akira.  The reason for it is Touya himself.

Touya’s father finally kicks the bucket.  In his final moments, the memories of Touya’s and Yuki’s childhood fill his mind.  Misaki and Touya take care most of the arrangements for his funeral and the work that is needed to be done after his death.  During a moment, Touya finally breaks down over the death of his father.  He asks Misaki to love him one more time, without hesitation she agrees.

Mana-chan passes her exams.  Touya takes her out to celebrate.  Mana trying to be the grown up and pretends that she’s only with him for another reason.  Touya gives the praise that she needed and asked for.

President Kanzaki reveals that Yuki is family, and that Menou is her daughter.  Haruka and Akira, after both being rejected, they join up and go on a date.  Akira at the end, departs with Haruka and gets into an accident with a car striking him while riding a bike.  At the end of the episode Menou is laying on Touya’s bed and that’s how usually things end on the White Album.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: I think I’ll give a pass for Touya (human garbage).  Since his father passed away, I’ll only have praise for him for having a sexual encounter with Misaki.  His father, at the end, was someone who had trouble and regret about his past.  Leaving the notion that anything you do, you may regret it for the rest of your life.

As the secret of Menou is out, Kanzaki become more humble in a way.  Revealing everything to Rina, she happens to be only person at the M&M music company with the talent to keep the company going.  Misaki, well, when someone gets treated the way she has been treated by men, Misaki is an easy prey.  The Mana arc in the story was pretty good.  How it’s obvious about her crush on Touya.  Yuki, with her new song, and not knowing the other side of her life (Touya), she keeps her promise to Rina and continues her act for Venus.  The animation at times were pretty bad.  But the story is the thing I’m here for.

Menou, knowing that her secret is out, is only taking everything in as it is.  The last part of Menou being at Touya’s house means to me that he is her saviour or outlet in some sort.  The series is almost over.  It’s never enough for me .

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