White Album ep. 22

I’m about two episodes behind.. Just trying to catch up… even though it’s a bit late… Not  a lot anime review sites give this anime it’s due, so.. someone has to..

Summary: Touya discovers the where bouts of Mana.  She ran off to Haruka’s safe haven.  They were both playing tennis.  Touya tries to talk to her, upset over Touya’s appearance.  Mana simply takes the cab that Touya came in, leaving him stranded with Haruka.  Haruka takes the opportunity to spend some time with Touya and invites him to stay, he gladly accepts, blowing off the rest of the plans or responsibilities for the day.

Misaki meets up with Tamaru at a cafe.  Clearly disturb even talking to him.  Tamaru offers her a freelance writing job.  He spits out the affair of Touya and Yayoi which catches Misaki off guard. Pictures are shown for proof.  Menou happens to be in the same cafe, and has a very close relationship with Tamaru.  She gives him something better to write about leaving Touya’s secret safe.  Menou decides to take some photos where she’s almost fully exposed.

When Tamaru makes his exit.  Menou begins to ask Misaki for help, she wants her to write an article about herself.  The real interview begins.  With the arrival of her sidekick, things are about to start.  It’s reveal that Menou all this time was lip-singing.  The true singer was her sidekick.

Touya’s stay with the Haruka leads to more things than just hanging out.  In a crazy attempt, Haruka enters the room nude right after a shower to try to seduce Touya.  With Touya getting out of the situation, soon after his urges get the better of him and goes all out with Haruka.  Because of Touya’s absents back at is job.  Rina can only feel lonely and let’s Touya know she was upset for his skipping over his duties and not being by her side.  The show is almost done, enjoy it while I or you still can.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Touya, continues to be garbage.  But, this time I cannot even blame him.  When any attractive female throws herself at you, and nude!!  What is someone like Touya to do.  He’s about kissed every female character on this series, why not continue with Haruka.

It was weird and funny, how in the beginning of the episode Mana completely took the cab from Touya.  That cab driver must be some kind of scum, or an idiot.  So, you take someone all the way out of no where, it just doesn’t make any sense.  I hadd a great laugh over the situation.

Menou, well.. It was a bit of a shock, but it also makes sense.  Because having that sidekick around and always being nice to her.  People treat other a certain way for a reason.   What’s going to happen next?  I’m sure the sidekick will still be working in the industry, she has the voice and talent.   As for Yuki, she sorta just took a time out on this episode.  Onward to ep. 23!


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