Needless Ep. 24 Final

Just watched the final episode of needless and started with their mini series this week.  I fallen behind on the ep’s from the big move from the city to the beach.  When needless went to the back story, I sorta lost a little interest.  But from episodes 22 till now, fell back to the needless love fest.

Summary: Saten was about to take over as the new supreme leader.  Using Eve as a tool to give birth to the ultimate race and give recovery to his body when needed. Arclight returns with a fury and takes out Saten with ease. With his new body from absorbing Riru Rokakuji, Arclight sets out to create a new era of the perfect God.  His ultimate plan unfolds, a huge cluster of Needless cells appears and wants to absorb it to become the ultimate God.  Blade aware of the situation intervenes and tries to stop him.  With his new found body, Blade cannot land any attack and is easily taken out for the time being.

With Arclight’s new look, after absorbing the cluster he becomes the ultimate God (the second).  His followers have waited for the moment that the world would be run by Needless.  Arclight turns his back on the followers.  He throws his might against Aruka.  Cruz, begins to give his opinion against his actions.  He becomes Arclight’s next victim.  The rest of team intervenes and holds off Arclight from doing any more killings.

Arclight’s new found body begins to reject him.  Some how his body unleashes some kind web housing where the walls throws out a spear attack.  Pretty Girl Squad joins the Misfits to fend off the attacks from the spears.

Aruka, near death rises from the ashes to give a final solution to defeating the God.  She reveals Cruz’s true ability is the key.  His keen wit and sharp observational facilities, it has help his friends out of jams many times.  Cruz thinks of a plan to get them out of this jam.  The plan for this situation is to cause another reverse rejection reaction (where Blade goes head to head literally with Arclight causing both of them immobilize their fragments.)

They use Mio’s huge bear to capital themselves up the air to reach Arclight’s destination where he is in a suspended state 300 meters above the ground.

Blade and Eve reach the top where Arclight is being held.  Blade causes the reverse rejection reaction leaving both them without fragments.  They fight for one last time, Blade gets the best of him and takes him out.  Simeon withdraws from the Black Spot leaving everyone have a chance at peace.

Everyone goes their separate ways.  Cruz is working on missions part-time.  Cruz started living alone in the Black Spot near a cafe installed by the killer girls. He works in a guild as strategist along Teruyama sometimes, meeting Blade and Eve once again for a mission together. Eve almost got his name, but now Blade finally with respect, calls him by is true name: Cruz Schild.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: As this series comes to close, one word can describe this series; enjoyable.  The final fight between Blade and Arclight was quite quick.  Even though they were fighting for four or five episodes.  I’m not really sure how it follows the manga, but as for a television series the ending was sorta forced.  The epic battle was an easy outcome.  I did enjoy how the pretty girl squad ended up teaming up with the rest to fight for a common cause.

Cruz proved to be the key in the climax.  In many of the battles throughout the series he would always come up with a strategy or figure out a problem when the time came. The kid with no fragment was a strong weapon against the fight with Simeon.  Solva, till this day continues to be one of my favorite characters with her double persona.

Guido, the man responsible the Adam project will see his final days seeing Eve and Blade come in to their own.  The pretty girl squad were always an interesting bunch.  Especially with love fest with each other displayed in the ending credits when the show started.  At the end, Mio shows some interest in Cruz.  I know in the manga they become a small duel that set out in an adventure of their own.  There’s so many story arks where Needless characters can lead to.  The only thing I have left is the special edition… enjoy it while I still can.

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