Mysterious Girlfriend X chapter 40

I learn today how to cook some dishes that will come in handy for me.  I’m living sorta alone.. MGX chapter 40 has been out for a few weeks, but after this I’ll be caught up with this manga.  It’s hard to say the same thing about Ane-Doki, it’ll take a while for that.. but you never know… Might take a couple days of dedicated to catch up ….

Summary:  Today is the day Urabe will show Momoka the bond she has between her and Tsubaki Akira.  She heads of to school and makes some last preparations with Momoka to make sure she witnesses the drool phenomenon.  Akira is still feeling the pain from the kick of Momoka and still believes it was Urabe and is a bit scared and concerned over the fact his mysterious girlfriend has become violent.

Tsubaki and Urabe meet up in their usual spot for the drool exchange.  Once there, Urabe has a small change of plans and want’s the exchange to take place somewhere else.  A location that is much closer where Momoka can witness the situation.  Tsubaki’s nose begins to bleed  and is suddenly feels really happy.  They depart and Urabe meets up with Momoka for her reaction.  Momoka questions about the process.

With the words “Tsubaki-kun I love you” written on her chest.  She explains to Momoka the power of the drool and how to enhanced the injections.

After losing the proposition to Urabe she thinks about the opportunity she had to become normal.  She finds Urabe’s school uniform and decides to try it on.  With the perfect fit she decides to take off and see how it is to be a normal schoolgirl.  With school life and having a boyfriend which is Tsubaki.  She wants to witness how the drool exchange would work for her.

Urabe, begins to go after Momoka and while outside is drag into a car by a stranger.  The gentlemen turns out to be Momoka Idol manager.  Because Urabe looks alike like the Idol she mistaken for Momoka.  And is literally drag into the world of being an Idol.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: I can’t wait for the next chapter.  What if Urabe ruins Momoka status as an Idol?  Or makes her even more popular.  I know this may lead to some trouble over the relationship between Urabe and Tsubaki.  Knowing how Momoka is, she may be more daring that Urabe.  Leading Akira to go further with her than he did with Urabe.  This chapter is worth the wait.  The words written on her chest was a bit of surprise.  But, it literally shows how Urabe feels about her man.  Momoka is just happens to be in the business that does not let her to have a normal life.


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  1. Ollie Valladolid

    Good point – Makes a lot of sense!

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