Needless Special Ep. 1

Needless special is out… A similar scenario plays out in the manga, but the translated version of the manga is not high of a number for the chapters yet.  This was also a short episode.

Summary: Cruz cross dresses to infiltrate a female boarding school.  He’s a new student and encounters the pretty girl squad and Eve.  The teacher (Disc) announces that it’s time for a new class or time for gym class. It’s also time to change into their work out uniforms.  Everyone in the class believes that Cruz is a female.  He receives a show and Cruz is nervous to the core.

Everyone in the class offers help to change his clothing.  Feeling the heat Cruz runs for a bathroom break.

In a toilet stall, Cruz is trying to gather himself and figure out what to do next.  He realizes that the uniform is very revealing and encounters his first obstacle on being a female student.

What Mr. Mask Thinks:  This mini series starts off excellent.  Since it’s a mini series, I wonder how over the top needless is going to be.  Loli madness may be.  Anyway, I’m really interested in episode two!


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2 responses to “Needless Special Ep. 1

  1. Trickster

    It is somewhat based from the Rose Academy Arc. Too bad they will not put 2nd season due to the alternate ending…

    • imnotanotaku

      I need to catch up on the Manga… I came across a few of the scans when it was raw.. . I’m sure it’s translated now. . thanks for the comment. .

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