White Album Episode 21

Getting back to the wing of things.  I been neglecting the anime series Needless, the once always attractive anime had always had my interest.  But, because of some life changing living situations, it’s hard to have time to blog.  White Album in the other hand, still being the soapy drama that gives me the entertainment satisfaction.  Giving this best effort I can to blog this.

Summary: Eiji is finally getting his act together.  Deciding that he wants to depart from his painting collection, he tries to sell the paintings back to the person or group that first sold him the art in the first place.  Eiji, also steps it up by taking Yuki’s  singing lessons serious.  He pushes Yuki to begin learning how to use the piano, to add another dimension to her talent.

Yayoi, after not having any friendly encounter with Touya, she decides to go on the attack.  Getting Touya off guard in the Mens restroom, with her might she drags him into a stall and starts making up for lost time.  Soon after a show where Yuki and Rina were taping a television show, Touya and Yayoi meet up to continue their fiasco.

Touya pays a visit to his dad where he continues to be at the hospital.  His dad questions about Touya’s sudden happiness.  It seems that his dad is often thinking about Yuki.  One of those scenarios where he imagines Yuki being in front of him or close to him, but actually she’s not.

The camera man finally has a face.   After taking a few damming pictures of Yayoi and Touya getting intimate with each other in recent episodes, he’s confronted by a journalist.  He wants the camera man to work for him.   Which also reveals that the camera man is one of Yuki’s biggest fans.

Yuki continues her Idol career.  In this episode she has photo shoot.  Rina continues her fun with Touya.  By having a simple dinner with Touya, and finding out that he has not had any contact with Yuki.  By this information alone, this puts Rina in a good mood.

Mana did the emotional act in this episode.   After a hearing a few words from her mom Kanzaki, Mana goes off the deep end, trashing her own room and running away from her house.  Leaving the responsibility to Touya to retrieve her back.   She ends up joining with Haruka where the episode actually ends.

The journalist reveals some of his past, apparently he a had a thing with Misaki.  That she may have been pregnant.  At the end, Yayoi receives the a phone call from the camera man, and wants to have a little talk.  With so many new story lines coming in the latest episodes of White Album, the series continues to grow.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: It’s kind of weird that the series has added more storyline’s even though there’s only three more episodes left.  It looks like there’s going to be a climax for the ages.  And that’s great for me!  Yayoi continues to amaze me, not having her usual Touya medicine can sure drive her to the brink of sexually attacking Touya in the restroom.   I think it’s awesome if you ask me.  But, in the other hand Touya continues to be garbage.   There was a small sight of Touya’s goodness, where he got Mana a present.  Surely, since he’s garbage!  He’s going to want something in return from Mana.

Speaking of Mana, I knew she disliked her mother, but when she gave her a shove and called an old bitch, she is some kind of girl.  Pretty funny.  Nothing really happen to Yuki and Rina.  Except that Rina enjoys it when Touya seems not to think about Yuki.  The camera shows his face.  I still feel he’s not going to cause that much harm to Touya, but that’s just my hunch.  As for Misaki, finally she becomes an interesting character.  Being pregnant, may be that explains why she gave Akira a hard time letting him have sexual advances towards her.  Eiji, well…He’s back to normal.  sorta… until episode 22!

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