White Album episode 20

Trying to adjust to beach life is a bit difficult.  One day city life, noise, a melting pot of people.  Now, quiet and a peaceful community with the ocean dominating the land.  My commute has been getting in my way of my life.  I spend two hours of my life in traffic, which is taking time away from my blog.  Anyway, catching up with my anime and manga…. White Album episode 20!

Summary: At the end of the last episode, Touya encounters Menou at the entrance of the train station.  This episode gets underway where the gentleman (sarcastic) Touya grants Menou’s request of buying her beer.  During his beer run, he manages to call her company to have some representative come to his house and drag Menou away.

Eiji goes off the deep end.  As Yuki tries to make sense on the decision of Eiji letting his sister Rina go to another company.  He simply is happy that Yuki is finally starting to come into her own.  Eiji shows Yuki his personal collection of paintings of the same kind.  Yuki interrupts his spat about Rina never came close of resembling the painting, but that Yuki still has a chance.  Yuki tells him that the paintings are completely different.  A wake up call for Eiji, and denying it, he sees what Yuki is talking about it.. He’s crushed.

Touya continues his first days as Rina’s personal assistant.  The job calls for many things.  Touya is starting to realize that he’s in it for the long haul.  Remembering the schedule, and enduring anything that Rina wants to do.  On this one, he gets a front row seat watching Rina practice her singing.

As Touya charm continues to spread, a female working from his student union goes along with him on date.  As, Yayoi intervenes the date out of her jealousy.  The female worker is left alone by herself at the restaurant that her and Touya were sharing a good meal.  At the end of the episode a quick montage on the world of the white album.  Eiji is getting his professional life back on track, working hard on writing music for Yuki.  Yuki herself is drained and falling asleep from another long day of being an Idol.  Akira is still not getting no where with his girl.  Another episode done for the White Album.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Well, another episode in the bag.  Eiji, I didn’t think his obsession would lead to this.  His mind actually playing delusional sequences that influence his decision making.  Yayoi, when Eiji ordered her to strip naked and to get on all fours, I was thinking…”Is this show going up one level in ecchiness?”   Well, it shows that Yayoi is the very obedient one.  Touya, is becoming the ultimate scum, he’s never satisfied.  Not one bit.  How many girls does it take.. Well, he has style.  Crushing their hearts.   And, that never gets old.


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