Ane-Doki chapter 15


Two more days in the big city, and from tomorrow and then onward, beach life!  I have mix emotions about the whole situation, c’mon leaving the city life for the beach is a huge difference.  Different people, culture.  I fallen behind Ane-Doki.  So, instead of doing all the chapters that I miss on one post, I’ll just try to catch up and give my full attention to each chapter.

Summary:  Kouta decided to join a student club to help out Kanede on their class theme for the festival.  It was decided that they were going to do a haunted house.


Things back at the house is business as usual.  Natsuki is giving out outrageous suggestions about adapting to the fall season, as a result is more what Kouta’s mind can handle.  Chiaka follows of giving her usual reaction towards the big picture between the relationship of her sister and Kouta.


The above scene from the manga is simply Kouta’s mind going out of control.  Natsuki, without knowing is dominating the mindset of Kouta.  He thinks of her most of the time each day.  Also, thinking about the question that still bugs him; how does it feel to like someone?!  To battle his inner feelings towards Natsuki, he does something drastic.  He decides to sleep in a separate room away from the girls.  Natsuki tries to convince him not to, but Kouta has already made up his mind.


During the night, Kouta struggles to sleep.  He believes, that no matter what he tells Natsuki not to join him sleeping or any command/request, she simply ignores it and does what she pleases.  Kouta waits for her the whole night, waiting for her come into his room, but she never comes.  Losing one day of sleep completely, waiting for her.


Kouta’s sleepless night has a carry over effect onto the next day during his time at school.  A constant battle of trying to stay awake.  During the student club meeting, Kanade sends everyone off to buy material for their huge haunted house project.  This sets up a vital opportunity for Kanade to have some alone time with Kouta.  She finds Kouta on the floor sleeping, which is a disappointment to her.  The curiosity of Kanade takes over and she takes a closer observation on Kouta face.  Which from the looks from the page, a KISS?!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Another great chapter!  As I see chapter 19 already posted, feeling complete on Ane-Doki is still far off.  Kouta has a trouble keeping Natsuki out of his mind.  How can anyone blame him?!!!  I can’t!!  Her non-stop suggestions would make any male completely go off the end.  I was kinda disappointed that the Chiaka-Kouta angle from the last chapter was dropped.  I guess, the focus of Kanade and Natsuki is back on track.  When reading the part of Kouta waiting for her to come into his room was greatly felt.  The author of this series keeps added of bringing great material.  Kanade again reinforces her feelings towards Kouta where she actually sets up a situation where they can be alone.  I guess, from the last scene of the manga, the next chapter is going to be dedicated of a possible kiss! If so, I’ll be the first one to give a high-five to Kouta, but…until chapter 16!!


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