White Album Ep. 19


After working a 12 hour shift…coming home and falling to sleep was the plan.  But, unfortunately plans never go as planned.  White Album was subbed yesterday.. Let’s do this..



Summary: Getting down to business, the opening scene: Rina confessed that she and Touya were kissing moments before Yuki arrived.  Rina also begins to give detail accounts of everything that went on between herself and Touya.  That Rina must have Touya by her side, he will resume his role as her personal assistant.  More light is shed on Yuki’s questions, Yayoi’s involvement with Touya.  That everyone was actually lying to her.  Yuki, overwhelm with the news that she tries to inflict serious pain on to herself.  She bits herself, Rina stops her before she can really do some damage.  After the ordeal, Yuki and Rina will both wait for the day either of them will end up being with Touya.  Rina makes one last request, that Yuki must become her rival.  And, that she must join the Venus Music Festival.  Yuki, agrees.



Rina gets a rude awakening on her first day at her new music company.  First off, Kanzaki (president) disapproves of Rina’s latest album and is putting it on hold.  Menou is going to the Venus Festival instead.  Rina has no other choice but to put on a good face and receive the treatment she’s getting.  To add salt on to the wound, she is ordered to help out Menou on her vocals.  Her new company does not give her any compensation support on her daily duties.  With no car rental in sight, she takes the subway to get to the studio where she’s to meet up with Menou to help her out.


Rina remembers her battles with her brother Eiji during the vocal recording in his studio.  The difficulty was it for her to get the attention she needed during those sessions.  Rina tries to give some needed help on Menou’s tracks, but is annoyed by her help and gives her the do whatever you want type of answer.


At the end of the episode, Menou gets more cozy with Touya.  She gets to know many things about him, including where he lives.   So, on a snowy night, where Touya exits a subway station he finds his savior from season one waiting for him.

What Mr. Mask Thinks:  As for the animation, it was clunky at times.  Sometimes it made me cringe a little.  But, once again if anyone is into soapy kind of dramas; White Album has it!  The opening scene was great.  Straight to the point; Rina is kissing Touya.  Yuki,  so innocent.  Innocent where it seems that she’s the kind of victim of anything.  A victim in all aspects.  The ultimate sympathy ploy for her character.  It works for me.  The whole inflicting pain onto herself was a surprise, maybe it will lead to more attempts if things don’t go so well for her.  That garbage Touya must be some kind of great person because Rina and Yuki are willing to wait for him.  Don’t have a clue why, well, I kinda know why, but..WHY?!

Kanzaki’s decision to send Menou to the Venus Festival instead of Rina was a bit of disappointment.  What?!  Where’s the showdown that everyone wants?!  And speaking of which, Menou is finally getting some air time.  Has she also fallen for Touya?!  If so, may be this can benefit Rina is some way.  Maybe Menou can run away again, and Rina can go to Venus.  The bad thing is, I can see Touya giving in to Menou, because that’s what garbage do.   As for the rest of the world of the White Album, no real opinion is really needed for this episode.


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