White Album Ep. 18


After sleeping for ten hours, I still feel dead tired..Trying to catch up with all the episodes that I can before the big move to the beach.  White Album has been subbed for a couple of days now.  Time to get back to work.


Summary: A press conference is held, Rina sheds some light on the dramatic transfer to her new employer; M&M Music group.  Many questions are asked, rumors being clarified.  A few words are exchange with the media, then exit.  Eiji and Kanzaki strike up a deal where Rina and the studio are a type of payment towards the painting that Eiji loves.  President Kanzaki is betting on the success of Menon’s upcoming album to bring great success to her company.  Menou wrote all the songs for the whole album within a week during her confinement in that shed (Her little helper “doll” wrote everything.) a few episodes ago.  She now has Rina as a safety net if all else fails.


Yuki is waiting for Touya at the hospital where his dad is staying.  They both talk about the impact of Rina’s transfer and Yuki shows the hard after effect of Rina’s decision.  Yuki also is indecisive on her decision to enter the Venus Festival, as of now, her answer is a no to a maybe.  Yayoi enters the fold, and intervenes between Yuki and Touya.  She questions Touya on his behavior of avoiding her.  Yayoi explains to him that he must forget everyone, that he should only think about her only.  Yayoi forces herself on him.  A mysterious person appears, and is taking pictures of their actions.


Yuki pays a visit to Touya’s father where he is still in bed.  Because of her loneliness, Yuki confessed that she is still in love with his son Touya.  That if the relationship is ever in trouble, she’s willing to start all over again.


In a sad scene, there’s a press-conference on the disbandment of Sakura-Dan, the young female music group. The conference room is almost empty, it lacks media coverage.  It feels more of a funeral for the once popular group that did so well in season one.



At the end, Yuki is attending an important meeting with some television personal.  She gives everyone the slip.  Her plan is to attend Rina’s final music piece with the Ogata group. Touya pays a personal visit to Rina where he question her wellness during this turmoil of a transition to another music company.   With his kindness, it easily leads to Rina’s underneath feelings of needed affection.  Yuki is well on her way to the studio, Touya and Rina are kissing.  All this is leading up to a very good episode 19.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: The series is really picking up, the drama and the more drama this show is going through.  I guess I’m a big soap fan because I’m really enjoying the White Album.   Even though the animation kinda falter towards the end, the story itself carried my interest until the end.  As garbage Touya getting more entangle with the opposite sex, this is leading to his demise.  Well, not death, but losing it all.  Yuki, GONE!

Yayoi is showing how dangerous she is leading to be.  How she treats Touya like a puppet, pulling his strings where ever she wants.   Her obsession is going to cost her more that she bargains for.  As she kisses Touya on the roof of the hospital, some mysterious person is taking a few snap shots, that’s where the danger will lie.  In the coming episode, those pictures will surface, what then?!   Just a guess by the way…

I look pretty dumb writing this post, or anyone that’s been following my recent post.  Thinking the painting was not a big deal.  Mud on my face!  Because of that painting, Rina gone!  The music studio is gone!  Does Eiji even have an idea that he’s being duped by Kanzaki?!  I guess his love for that painting has blinded him entirely.  His faith on Yuki to carry the company without Rina.  Letting Kanzaki have a stronger talent pool.  Treating Rina like an object of wealth, goods, etc…Hopefully I’ll be in a better position to write more… till next time..


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