Needless Episode 18


Getting caught up with my work and my hobby.  Had the day off from work, which kinda sucks…But, I have to do something productive.   Needless Ep. 18 is out, that means that the 24th episode is close, and then the end.


Summary: We left of from Episode 17 and continuing into this one.  And, we’re still in play room which I lost count how many times or Ep’s, but that’s okay.  Eve and Blade are both getting their bell rung by Saten and Aruka.  Disc is trying to bring Cruz-Kun back to life.  The rest of the misfits are still out of commission.



Saten’s secret agenda continues.  During the battle with Eve, she notices that Saten is holding back.  Eve threatens Saten if he does not come clean with an answer she will pee in her pants.  Saten comes out and confesses that he is in love with her.  This effort is more than obvious where he actually tells Eve that he’s going to let his guard down so Eve can have a clear shot.  She achieves to take out Saten for the moment so she can use her Doppelganger fragment to save Cruz.


Disc and Eve use a combo technique where both shock and heart massage is used on Cruz’s body to revive him.  After they bring his heartbeat back, Eve gives him some CPR in a most unusual way, a tentacle from her torso is mimic and gives his mouth to mouth, sorta.



Finally, the battle between Aruka and Blade.  In the beginning of the episode she’s doing a number on Blade.  But, like a cliche of every villain, she reveals some vital information that can give Blade the upper hand.  She reveals that every person/Needless uses only a part of their brain.  Leaving the other side of the brain unused.  The climax of this episode is when Aruka has Blade on the ropes with a type finishing move.  A type of volcanic eruption caused by Aruka’s Fragment “Agnishwattas.”  Blade uses Saten Fragment to absorb her “Agnishwattas” fragment.  And unleashes a combo of his own, this move even has Teruyama in awe.  A “little boy” and ‘Vulcan Shock Ignition,” Aruka has no other choice but to receive a beating.


What Mr. Mask Thinks: This episode was again made my day.  The comedy was really good.  The confession of Saten to Eve was kinda unexpected.  Well, if you’re paying attention to the series, back when Eve was shackle and Saten said a few words into her ear.  So, but still unexpected.  The other hilarious part was Blade was trying to rewrite the story on Cruz saying that he gave him permission to give his a sister a beaten.  So what now?!  Cruz is back to life, and in the next episode he may go into a huge change, but keeping my mouth closed, is for the better for the reader.   Aruka is some badass woman, but she only gave Blade one more obstacle to overcome and made him even stronger.  His abilities are growing even more, getting him ready for the battle again with Adam Arclight.  May be, Blade still needs a rematch with Saten, just to clear the air.    Waiting for Ep 19!


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