Mysterious Girlfriend X Ch. 39


When waiting for the latest chapter of Mysterious Girlfriend X is always something you look forward to no matter what’s going on in your life.

Summary: From the last chapter, Urabe is knock out while Momoka in her undergarments is left staring at her and is quite fascinated over Urabe’s breast size.   Urabe manages to come to and is about to leave Momoka in her predicament.  She takes responsibility over shredding up her clothes and lends her a P.E. uniform.   They both head over to Urabe’s apartment where Momoka can receive a change of clothes.

During this, Urabe questions her double on how did she find out that a high schooler looked exactly like her.  It turns out that her classmate Nakajima Hitoshi sent a letter with Urabe picture to Momoka’s fan club which then made its way to Momoka’s hands.


For some reason, Urabe brings up the topic on the earlier proposition about trading places.  Momoka reveals that she wants to have a normal life from time to time.  Taking a break from the stressful world of being a popular idol.  Just then, Momoka discovers that Urabe has one of her idol videos.


As Momoka is watching herself during the performance on the television, she joins in by singing the lines of her own show.  She goes all out and uses the dance moves from the show.


Momoka pulls Urabe with her and performs herself.  Urabe keep up with Momoka on her singing and dancing.  Matching every move and every note that comes out of her mouth.   Momoka is shocked and very happy that Urabe can match everything that she can.  But, at the end Urabe still decides not to take up Momoka’s offer of trading places.


At the end, she gives Urabe another proposition where she can see for herself what the drool phenomenon is all about.  From the result from that, she’ll either give up plans or not of trading places.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Another great chapter of MGX.  I still feel that somehow the trading places plan is still going to go down.  I also have a feeling where Tsubaki Akira might get hurt by the trading places.  The whole drool thing, well..Momoka might get turned on by this ritual and might get addictive herself.   Or, I could be wrong again.  The whole Momoka overreacting over everything was pretty funny.  Something where she’s out of touch from Urabe’s perspective.  I guess, it’s back to the waiting game and anticipating what ch. 40 has to bring!

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