White Album Episode 17


Still in the middle of moving to a new location to live..Picked a not so good time to move to the beach, summer is over.. But, the walks at the beach still should be used sometimes to blow off some steam.  Had some time today to do this post, better than nothing.  Ep 18 raw might be out tonight or tomorrow night, depending on the turnaround from the sub-people.  The picture above is something that other shows are starting to do.  Any defining moment, the anime goes into this portrait painting style like animation.  Needless has done it… I don’t mind it because it’s quite beautiful.   It’s something different.


Summary: Rina and Yuki continue from the last episode on a mini stand-off, basically Yuki somehow delays Rina’s departure from the company that Rina’s brother runs.  In a rather touching moment that even Rina is brought to tears over Yuki’s behavior towards Rina’s decision.  But, at the end of the episode, there’s an announcement of a press conferences about Rina switching to another recording company.  Wanting to change her surroundings, and environment which includes Touya.  Leaving Yuki on her own, finding her own Identity.


Yayoi is still thinking about Touya.  Her mind seems to playing tricks on her.  At first, it was a game plan where it was to keep Touya away from Yuki.  But, the plan kinda backfire on Yayoi.  Having a constant appetite for Touya’s presence or affection.

Mana and Haruka, it get’s a little more interesting that Haruka finally stood up for Touya over the constant bad mouthing from Mana.   The painting that Eiji is madly obsessed about, is going to cost him a great deal of compensation towards his rival recording company.  Originally, the Kanzaki group owned the painting, and now Eiji has it.  He offers his own recording studio as payment for the painting.  The Kanzaki group has something up their sleeve, but in the coming episodes will show the fallout because of this certain painting.


Manou is added again.. This time, her female friend has a nickname now, a.k.a “Doll.” Kanzaki also refers that without her “doll” by her side, Manou cannot write anything.  Simply giving the notion that she is indeed Manou’s ghostwriter.  Thus leaving another episode of the White Album in awe.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: The whole Yuki, Rina situation is getting more interesting by the minute.  Rina is full of skeletons over her behavior towards Touya in the earlier episodes or season one.  I still feel there headed in a collision course in that music festival, and by her departure or transfer, it’s going to happen.

The whole Mana and Haruka is still the least favorite story plot point.  Not only it’s my least favorite, but it was just plain weird.  There back and forth about Touya.  It kinda made feel kinda glad that someone stood up for Touya.  Even though Touya is complete garbage, but may be in the coming episodes there will be a some great detail on how much he is garbage.

Yayoi, she’s going to become a dangerous person, her behaviour is going off the charts.  Her constant thoughts about Touya is going to affect her in a way where she might lash out negativity.  Yayoi stalking ways is going to make her slip up and many people are going to notice, even Yuki.

Manou, well, the truth may have come out.  I suspected it already, but it’s already coming true.  Manou has a ghostwriter.  Honestly, it’s nothing bad.  Just another element in the music industry.   Finally, the painting is becoming more of great bother or pain towards Eiji.  I know it reminds him of his mother.  Also, money is not object compare to the painting.  But, as a viewer and pointing out the effect of the painting is having on Eiji.  The recording studio might be lost, and suspect that Rina might be lost as well to the Kanzaki group.   It’s all coming together, which in way is a good thing.

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