Needless Episode 17


Had a small break from the action, and decided to do this post.  It happens to be a filer episode.  Which means that anyone reading this post or is following the Needless series; already knows what happens or knows how the Resistance movement all died.


Summary: From the last episode, Aruka was mopping the floor with Seto, Teruyama and Solva.  She wants to deliver the final blow to her own brother.   Blade stops that from happening.  Cruz falls on death’s doorstep and his life flashes in front of him.  Taking him back to the time where he was a part of the Resistance movement.  It goes in-depth on how Aruka was a double agent from Simeon’s corporation and betray the Resistance by setting up their demise.




Basically, the information they gather to give a surprise attack on Adam Archlight was false.  The Resistance was set up themselves.  The “Four Strongest” wipe them out completely.  Archlight is also disappointed that the data chip that he wanted was not found. During all this, Cruz figured out and thinks that he was a burden to his sister, that somehow he was holding her back.



Back to reality, Saten and Aruka have the upper hand against Blade and Eve.  They both notice the predicament that Cruz is in, he’s about to kick the bucket..

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Not much to think about an episode that is just information that I already knew.  The only thing that had some progress in the story was Cruz thinks that he may be the cause for Aruka hating him.   And, pretty much that the next episode they’ll have to figure out a way to take down or hold down Saten and Aruka.  As Cruz is holding on to dear life, Needless again is becoming more interesting.  And, no more filers.. please… the series is almost over.

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