Needless Episode 16


After finishing that latest White Album post, I noticed that some shows on my list are stacking up.  So, trying not to fall behind.  Lately, I been having mix emotions about the new fall season.  Either way, it’s filling up my dead time that I have in my life.  Needless has been subbed for a couple of days now.  And, tomorrow is Thursday, that’s when the raw comes out.  I intend to finish this post before the new episode is aired.  Good luck to myself.


Summary: We left off from the last episode where Saten was mopping up the floor with the Priest and Eve.  While Teruyama, Seto and Solva are getting ready to tangle with the mysterious new player that entered the fold.  Cruz-Kun explains Saten procedure needed to produce the “fourth wave.”   So, basically Saten needs to use a freezing process first, then followed by heating process to launch the “fourth wave.”  A type of energy conversion.


In the early battle stages.  Teruyama with the help of Solva create some kind of “little-boy” combo that lands a hit on Simeon’s fourth strongest.  The mask is shattered revealing the true identity.  Cruz’s sister Aruka is behind the mask and is a part of Simeon’s elite.   Her younger brother is confused, shocked, the whole bunch of emotions are running through his body.


Aruka was a spy sent by Simeon to infiltrate the resistence and help them reach their demise, way back in episode one.  Her mission was to retrieve a data chip that was concealed in Cruz’s pendent.  The same one that he cherish to remember the death of his sister.




Aruka unleashes her fragment “flame God” or a type of microwave heat fragment onto Teruyama, Solva and Seto, taking them out with ease.  Every attempt by them were easily neutralized by her fragment.


After, Aruka had some unfinished business to attend to.  The death of her own brother and to retrieve the data chip.  She succeeds in the pendent and inflicting pain onto Cruz.  But, before Aruka can landing the kill on Cruz, the Priest intervenes in time setting up a battle for episode 17.

The Quote: “I was the one who saved Yamada back in the sewers.  If you want to kill him, you’ll need my permission first!”


What Mr. Mask Thinks: The ecchi aspect of the show took a back seat in this episode leaving this for character development!  Aruka appears, and she is a fox!  Not only she’s strong and deserves to be the elite group of the “four strongest.”  But, her wicked persona sure fits her which is appealing to me.  It’s so awesome that in her twisted mind, Simeon is much more important than your own family.

Okay, so, when Cruz is explaining the very complicated fragment of Saten to everyone, I just love it when the whole room stops, everyone stops fighting.

The comedy continued, Disk random printing paper from the mouth was pretty hilarious.  And, with Eve’s running joke that she can’t remember anything.  The episode still holds strong in the comedy aspect.  Once again, the echii part of it was out.   This episode is just pushing the story forward.  Episode 17, I’m thinking the raw is out.


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