White Album Episode 16


Let go at it again.  The episode was subbed a while ago or today, somewhere around those lines. This episode finally had some story change.  One character finally stood up for herself (Rina).  And, some characters, well, not much movement.


Summary: As we left off from the last episode, Yayoi picked up Kouta and went for a night out.  Episode 16, it’s revealed that they went to a hotel.  During their stay, it’s reveal that the Venus Music Festival is upon them.  The festival is a big deal in the industry and for their company.  Especially for the talent, they’ll be set where they’ll have complete influence in the industry.  But, the company can only send one singer to the festival. Leaving an early dilemma.


Yuki is chosen over Rina, which upsets her.  She decides to quit the company and start her own independent faction.  Yuki freaks out and tries to apologies to Rina, she only storms out.  Yuki goes after her.  During the exchange or commotion, Eiji warns Yayoi that she’ll make a huge mistake if she harms Yuki in any way.


Touya’s father conditions worsens.  He collapses again and heads back to the hospital.  It’s decided that he is going to have a surgery for a possible pacemaker.  Also, causes pain to Akira and Misaki, they were left with the responsibility of taking care of him.  Akira tortures himself over the situation.  During the episode, Touya was nowhere to be found, he was contacted.  He arrives at the hospital in a calm manner.  Keeping the possible pacemaker surgery news from Misaki.   She finds out, and was deeply troubled.  She has a few words with Touya’s father, where he tells her to stay away from his loser son.

Eiji Ogata is still the same as the last episode.  The painting is taking over his life.  As for Menou, she’s still stirring up trouble for her production company.  But, she’s back with her little number one fan.  Mana sorta confesses to Haruka that she has a small crush on Touya, by her blushing.


Touya, confused and lost.  He cannot stop thinking about Yuki, and falls into the depths of loneliness.  Her images, her voice, the world of Yuki dominates his mindset.


What Mr. Mask Thinks: Touya is causing his own suffering.  The guilt of his actions are finally catching up to him, and well, he deserve it.  May be it’s just someone getting caught up, falling for temptation.  Mana was kinda cute in this episode because she had trouble answering Haruka.  A crush on Touya, well, it was quite obvious in season one.  C’mon, she just happen to be in the neighborhood, yeah right!

Rina, finally she stood up for herself.  She was not going take anymore favoritism from her own brother.  I guess, this would mean Rina can enter the Venus Music Festival for a possible showdown Yuki.  I believe it’s headed that way.  And, that’s entertainment.  It would be only fitting if she wins and teaches her brother a lesson on family, being there for someone.

Yayoi, well, she’s a manipulating witch.  She has Touya like a puppet.  Even lying to her boss on not being involved with Touya.  At the end, I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

Akira annoys me.  That’s it for him.  Eiji, still waiting for the power of the painting.  Manou only came out in a small scene.  It’s only episode 16, ten more to go.  She must have a huge impact coming.  Or, I’m just going to be wrong and have a big let down.  As for the album covers.  Rina looks better than Yuki’s, but that’s my opinion.  Now, waiting for episode 17!


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