White Album Episode 15 or Season 2 ep 2?!


I been away due to work, and meeting someone of the opposite sex helps to take up some of my free time, thus keeping me away from this blog.  But, I’m here for a new post!  Early Sunday morning brought some  great news to me.  It’s okay living life at this moment in time, the interest runs high.  I saw the raw episode 16, and that’s quick, or they sub White Album late.   But, I’m enjoying what I see so far. This style like soap.


Summary: Pretty much this episode is a New Years celebration one.  Touya’s father is released from the hospital, and the great job that Touya is doing of not being a good son.  Always not by his bed side, being somewhere else.  And, when he is, there’s a continuance’s conflict, or leads to some kind of discomfort.  Death and regret dominate their conversation.  Akira and Misaki pay a visit to see Fujii’s father, and take him back to a home for new years.


Yayoi Shinozuka is falling into no-man’s land.  She’s completely infatuated with Touya.  Their relationship is growing behind the scenes, with more frequent visits to wherever Touya stays.  Touya, himself even knowing his actions will cause Yuki to be hurt, continues with this lustful relationship.



Yuki, with some time off for the rest of the year, is trying to fill her time by finally spending some quality time with Touya.  The reason of her time off, Eiji Ogata canceled all of their practice sessions.  Which has her worried.  She seeks out Touya for some sort of comfort.  They end up spending new years together, but in an awkward situation.  Yayoi, was some sort of chaperon like figure, which made Touya feel a bit on the edge.  Having both female interest in the same room.


Eiji Ogata reveals that the girl in the painting that’s been dominating his mind is his mother.  Or, what he thinks it to be.  As he falls into deeper depression.  Yuki, pays him a visit, in a way saving him from a delusional scene.  Her visit was to question the reason for his cancellation of their singing lessons.  Ogate assures her that she was not the reason for the cancellation.  He then declares that Yuki needs to be happy, and I will ask Yayoi Shinozuka to make that happen.


Haruka is still “tutoring” Mana.  They spend some quality time together, the holiday of New Years to be exact.  They go on a hike or bike ride right up to one of Haruka’s traveling spots.  A secluded cabin.  In a camping like fashion, they have a late dinner and sleep to bring in the new year.

The rest of the episode, Akira and Misaki’s relationship still has not gone forward.  Menou Matsuyama is being curious and is traveling around.  Rina continues to do her rounds as a hard working Idol.   And, at the end, Ogata Eiji accidently catches Touya getting into Yayoi’s car.  Just another dramatic episode of the White Album.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: I wish that one episode of the White Album will concentrate on one story only, it seems to go everywhere.  I guess, that makes it interesting for some folks.  This episode showed that Touya is still a complete scumbag.  Nothing really changes with the rest of the cast, except for Yayoi.  Her involvement with Touya is becoming more frequent, her professional ways is not up to par; a great scene was when she just sitting in car, thinking about Touya.  May be because I’m a guy and all, but I can’t fault Touya getting into a sexual relationship with Yayoi.  She’s hot, but he’s a still a piece of trash for what he’s doing to Yuki. Or, just a victim falling into some evil influences.

Speaking of Yuki, she just as naive as ever, with everything that’s around her.  Her pessimistic thinking always dominates her mind.  The Haruka and Mana relationship, well, it’s still my least favorite angle out of the story.  Eiji, ranks up there with Haruka and Mana, what gives?  I guess, will find out that the painting has something to do with the way he treats Rina, cold shoulder like.  Business first, family after.

Touya’s father, well, pretty much the same as the last episode.  Misaki and Akira, We can only wait and see if something happens between them.  Rina, she’s working hard as ever.  Still waiting for Manou to do some rumbling in the world of the White Album.


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  1. my daughter takes sining lessons from my aunt which has a good soprano voice *

  2. my voice sucks on karaoke that is why i am taking sining lessons now from professionals -`:

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