Needless Episode 15



Just got my computer back.  The apple store kinda of tricked me..But, at the end, my macbook is back.  I saw the subbed episode a couple of days ago, and I get to post it tonight!  And no, that picture above is a part of episode 15.  I guess episode 13 did a number on their budget or something.  It’s either a style of choice, or no money to put in some awesome quality as 13!

Just to add something new to this post and future post.  Quotes!  I’m going to grab the best quote that I feel that is too good not to share.



Summary: Saten finally makes his presence known.  Well, in front of everyone that is.   He disrupts Adam Blade giving the final blow to Setsuna.   Saten then orders the Pretty Girl Squad to leave.   Before they leave, he preserves Kurumi’s body by freezing it, the girls take the body to have her DNA handy for a later use.


Quickly Saten let’s his fragment be known by freezing the entire room.  He’s not done yet.  Soon after he unleashes the “fourth wave,” a type of fire explosion!  After revealing his two fragments of ice and fire, he wipes the floor with the priest in their first confrontation.  The priest tries to counter back with a “Vulcan Shock Ignition.”  Saten absorbs the attack, revealing his third fragment.  Every attack that Blade tries to mustered up towards Saten, more fragment abilities such as wind is also revealed.


In one last ditch effort on the one on one confrontation.  The Priest attempts to memorize Saten fragments, he achieves this effort.  But, has no clue how to actually  use them.  Leaving him baffled behind the mystery of Saten’s power.


Finally, the fourth member of Simeon’s strongest appears.  And, what an entrance!  The misfits have their hands full with Saten, and now a new player enters the battle.  The group separates to battle both of them.



Cruz-kun is left trying to figure out Saten’s fragment.  During this, Saten is taking care of Eve and Blade with ease.  Good Luck.



The Quote: “Nobody can you use this Mustang except me.”

What Mr. Mask Think: We’re still in the playroom or fighting room.  And, that’s okay.  It was sad to see the Pretty Girl Squad make an early exit from this episode.  But, in the earlier episodes they made there presences known.  Saten, is by far a badass, he doesn’t just look the part, but he even has cool lines.   His power seems to be unbeatable.  Cruz, at the end of the episode, looks like he kinda figured it out.  And, finally the green haired member of Simeon’s strongest appears.  Which, she has to be Cruz dead sister, that’s not dead anymore.  I can’t wait for the fall out between Cruz and his sister.

The thing that I don’t get, so Blade tried every fragment power that he possesses.  Which had no affect on Saten.  But, when he memorizes Saten fragment, he made contact with him.  Why doesn’t he try to get at Saten the old fashion way.  By simply using his own hands, and attempt on beating him up.   For the comedy, it still maintained well.   There were a few times that is was quite funny.  Can’t wait for the next episode.

As the for animation, well, ever since episode 13.  The animation does all the talking on it’s own.  And, of course I have to mention that I still enjoy Solva.  She’s back, and in the next episode she’s going to take of some business.  To find a way to stop Saten.  Till next time.


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