Ane-Doki Chapter 14


I walked through downtown Los Angeles, trying to make sense of everything that’s around me.   Got back my computer!  And, was a bit lazy to drive back to where I live.. Decided to stay at a friend’s loft, life must be interesting living next to those high rise buildings.  The night life is so much fun.   And for that, I was away from my computer, but to my surprise to find chapter 14 translated!!  Much thanks to REDHAWK, he’s a fast worker.

Summary:  This chapter, Kanade and Natsuki took a back seat and left this one dedicated to Kouta and Chiaka.  Today is the big date!  Because of some free movie tickets from Natsuki.  Kouta is standing around waiting for his date to arrive.  Chiaki arrives in stunning fashion, Kouta never seen her dressed up and is taken back by her appearance.   The movie that they wanted to see started already.  A minor plan B was needed until the next showing.  They killed some time at the arcade-game room.


Chiaki is taken back by Kouta’s actions.  While they were walking, something catches her eye.  A stuffed bear in one of those claw machine game thingy!  Kouta wins her stuffed bear, which she’s touched by his effort.  They attended the movie.  It was a melodrama.  Kouta is hoping to find the answer to his question: How does it feel to like to someone?!  The movie didn’t bring nothing except finding out two new things about Chiaka.  She looks good in girl clothing and that annoying feeling from her is not going away.


In Ane-Doki typical mishap fashion, Chiaka is carrying her stuffed bear the wrong way, causing her underwear to show.  Chiaka panics and pulls the stuffed bear and accidentally pulls her necklace right from her neck.   Causing her to panic even more, she immediately jumps into the small river trying to retrieve the lost necklace.  Kouta and Chiaka search for it and come up with nothing.  Chiaka is visibly upset over the situation and leaves.  Kouta, like the good person that he is, continues to search for it by himself.


At the end, Kouta leaves a little present in front of Chiaka.  The same stuffed bear with the missing necklace that she desperately tried to get back.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: This chapter was really good.  The fact that the Kouta and Chiaka angle is moving forward.  This will definitely bring some more competition to Kanade!  The chemistry between those two keeps on getting better and better.  What in store for the future?  Well, Chiaka is a huge key on Kouta getting closer to Natsuki.  Because she owes Kouta big, for retrieving her necklace back.  And, as for Kanade, well…she has her work cut out for getting Kouta to fall in love with her.  And, from this chapter, Chiaka could develop feelings towards Kouta.  Making a Kouta’s life a bit more interesting than it already is.


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