Ane-Doki chapter 13


Finally had time to read the new chapter of Ane-Doki.  One chapter is not enough, I wish they would shell out a new volume at one time…But, that’s just wishful thinking.

Summary: Basically, from chapter 12 left us in Kanade’s new hairstyle phenomenon.  It’s a new semester.  Which means, the school’s culture festival is upon them.  Sakurai Kanade is a board member of this event, and she declares the theme of the festival is Love!  Kouta is still confused and has Natsuki’s image suddenly pop in his head.  He question’s himself that the reason for the sudden thoughts of her is because of her sex appeal.


Chiaki finds Kouta feeling down and sitting around the market place.   Kouta tells her that he’s still feeling in limbo over the situation of choosing her sister or Kanade.  They both go to some kind of coffee shop to take shelter from the rain.  During their stay, Kouta asks Chiaki for some love advice.  Since she’s older, it’s assume that she’s well experience in the love department.


In Ane-Doki fashion, there’s a misunderstanding from Chiaki’s schoolmates thinking she’s on a date with Kouta.  She panics and stands up quickly, but loses her balance and trips over the table and some how kisses Kouta on the cheek.  Which at the end, Kouta get’s punched out from Chiaki’s frustration.


At the end of the chapter, Natsuki comes home and finds Kouta and her sister getting along in their usual way.  She offers them a couple of movie tickets and suggest both should go together on a date.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Basically, it’s still down between Kanade and Natsuki on who gets Kouta’s full attention.  The whole Chiaki story was pretty enjoyable throughout.  I’m really interested on the next chapter.  Chiaki and Kouta go out, what does this mean for the other two girls in Kouta’s life?  This series get’s on getting better and better.  Their running jokes or themes is what make me want to blog about this.  Can’t wait until the next chapter.


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