Needless Episode 14



I woke up this morning finding that episode 14 was subbed…but unfortunately, I had work today.  During my job, this update has been on my mind.  As you can see the comparison above from episode 13 to 14, there’s a huge difference.  The animation style is quite different, so I’m assuming episode 13 team out and episode 14 team in.


Summary: Kuchinashi releases her ultimate fragrance; “Lilith Temptation.”  Basically, what it does is to bring every desire to anyone expose to this fragrance.  A never ending dream sequence. The majority of the Misfits fall prey to this special attack.  Here’s a description of the fallen ones; We find out that Teruyama desire is to be the best fighter.  Eve’s desire is to be the smartest.  Seto is to be rich.   Solva is to be the ruler of Black Spot. Cruz-kun is to have his sister back.  Guido is to reunite with an old flame.  Disk, because she’s half human, is not affected by the “Lilith Temptation.”


The “Lilith Temptation” does not affect Blade, the reason he is already in paradise!  He’s surrounded by little girls.  All of the female characters to be exact, both good and evil.  Blade goes beyond out of control and annihilates both Mio and Kuchinashi with ease.


Because of the beating, Kuchinashi device on her arm was damaged.  Thus the “Lilith Temptation” had stopped.  Everyone returned back to the present.  Except for Adam Blade, still in perverted mode.  He demands to Disk to expose the three sizes and type of panties of the Pretty Girl Squad.



In the mind of Adam Blade, he has all the necessary information needed to finally destroy Setsuna.   He uses her fragment “speed” to deliver a beating on her.  It’s pay back time to what she’s done to all of Blade’s comrades.   When, he’s about to deliver the judgement blow, Saten intervenes and is left with a standoff with Blade himself.


What Mr. Mask Thinks:  Wow!  The animation had a huge downgrade.  I’m not putting down the animators for episode 14, but their style did not come close to my liking as it did for episode 13.   The good part about the episode that the comedy was still in effect.  The parts that had me rolling was the whole Adam Blade exploding his Lolicon nature to the extreme.  The agreement between Blade and Disk came together here, her measurement ability of the three sizes.  Also, we got to find out about the true nature of the rest of Blade’s crew.  Their true agenda.   There’s a new opening credit sequence and an ending credit sequence.  I didn’t mind the new opening scene.  It basically said whose fighting who.  The ending scene, I didn’t mind it at all.  It was quite entertaining.  But, it’s going to be a huge downgrade for some, the Pretty Girl Squad do not get to show off their intimate side anymore.  There was a curious part at the end of the ending credits, there was a female with green hair in a Pretty Girl Squad uniform.  I know who that is, but I’ll keep quite, in time it will be known.  Can’t wait until next episode, Saten can finally showcase is fragment ability.  One final note..I didn’t really talk about that there still in the playroom..

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