White Album season 2: Episode 14


Just before I started viewing season 2, I quickly viewed episode 13 just to refresh my memory about the series.  White Album to me seems to be realistic is some ways.  I’m in no way connected to the music industry, but it’s a common practice of the activities or themes that are presented in this series.   I guess that’s one of the reasons this series made into my blog.  I know the White Album is a very slow pace melodrama.  And, not many people have this show on their watch list.  But, melodramas is what Mr. Mask is into.  I’m probably a part of few that are blogging about this.

Summary:  The series starts off at the eve of Christmas of the year 1986.  Touya’s dad is staying at the hospital after his collapse at the end of season one.  Yuki visits and finds out that Touya had lied to her about his condition, she’s heart broken.  And, seems to have a medical problem with his heart.  Haruka must be in her own little world, she goes by the name Zashiki Warashi, when ever asked for.



The fallout begins to spill over two season 2.  The wager between the group Yuki, Rina and the Sakura Girls in who can bring more fans in their Christmas theme concerts.  Yuki and Rina (especially Yuki) brought in the majority, making them the winners.  This will set up their company for the entire upcoming year.  The head of the Sakura Girls; Itsuki Kanzaki takes charge.  In one crucial concert of the Sakura girls, Menou was a no show.  And, for that Kanzaki needed some kind of vindication, she located Menou.  She was cooped up in trashy apartment,  Kanzaki, to keep Menou in line, gave her a beaten she won’t forget.


Haruka and Mana at this point are complementing each other.  Haruka, looking after Mana who had a severe cold.  Eiji Ogata, is having  flashbacks from his days in London, over staring at a portrait.


Yayoi feelings are getting stronger towards Touya.  To the point where she’s looking for him.  Not that Touya isn’t saying no, he makes Yayoi his Yuki replacement for that night.

What Mr. Mask Thinks:  Well, this is pretty much the same as season one, and for me that’s great.  I guess I’m into trashy soap’s because I enjoyed every minute of this first episode of White Album.  And, I still love the captions at the corners, where it describes the true information of the scene.  The players for the season, I’m really interested in Menou, I feel she’s going to play a big role.  Touya is still the worst boyfriend ever, he’s quite the bastard still.  Yayoi is finally breaking down, and having feeling towards Touya and throwing “this is just business” model out the window.   I think the part that took me back from my seat was; when Menou was getting a beat down, it looked, violent!  While Yuki is still innocent as she can be, we see her rise through the ranks.  Rina, well, I’ll see how her story develops.  The arcs of the story that I’m least interested is Mana and Haruka.  Eliji, his arc is a bit strange, but that’s what makes this series good.  I’m still waiting for Akira to show his mug, but that’s why this is episode one, and there’s many more to go.

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