Mysterious Girlfriend X Chapter 38


Just got home from a 10 hour work day.  I’m so tired, don’t really feel like doing anything.  Up until I found out the new MGX was updated!  With some homemade chicken soup in my system, it’s time to read this chapter and post it….

Summary:  In chapter 38, Ima Momoka appears right in front Urabe Mikoto, the Idol that Tsubaki Akira adores (because she resembles his girlfriend Urabe).   Resembling exactly the same, the facial features actually tricked Tsubaki believing Momoka was Urabe.  Both of them have a special move, difference is Momoka uses her legs (a high kick to be exact), and Urabe uses her trusty scissors.


Momoka has a proposition for Urabe.  Give Urabe a chance to become an idol.  In return, she would have to let Momoka become a normal person, taking over her life.  Without hesitation, Urabe turns her offer down which catches Momoka off guard.  And by this, Momoka tells her she’s going to persuade her by force.  She had enough talk from Idol girl and let’s her have it with her scissor cutting combo.  Momoka is taken back by the moves from Urabe, not knowing what is actually happening to her.  Let’s Urabe have it with her patent high kick, knocking her out cold.

On the other end, Tsubika wakes up from the high kick of Momoka, chapter 37.  Thinking it was Urabe who gave him the brutal high kick that knocked him out cold.  He ends up walking back home, and thinking about is Urabe turning into a violent person.


Momoka questions what the hell happen a moment ago.  What did Urabe actually do with the scissors and those moves.  Suddenly, the aftermath of what Urabe had done begins to show.  All of her clothes are shredded, leaving her only with her underwear, socks and shoes.  She panics and tries to wake up Urabe who is knocked out cold.  Momoka accidently squished one of Urabe’s breast, and is taking back from the size of it.


What Mr. Mask Thinks: This was another smooth chapter.  The  reading was quite enjoyable.  Momoka is insane.  Right of the bat, she’s completely insane.  I would understand why she would want to give this proposition to Urabe, being a famous Idol does have its drawbacks.  You can’t live a normal life.  Being recognize everywhere you go, there’s a whisper from bystanders.  Having a chance for a normal life would be appealing for someone famous, a chance to escape.

I hope MGX does go with this story arc, because it would be interesting to see Urabe being an Idol.  This would definitely go against her persona, so I hope Momoka works hard on changing her mind.  May be she wakes up from that kick and has partial memory loss and some how is tricked.   Well, until next month, or a few weeks for chapter 39.


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