Ane-Doki Chapter 12

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I woke up today around 10am and was pleasantly surprised that the new chapter is out.  I came across the raw version, but didn’t think it would be translated this quick.  With coffee in my hand, and some great homemade blueberry pancakes, did some enjoyable reading.   Let’s get down to business.

Summary: At the end of chapter eleven Kanade Sakurai kinda confesses her feelings to Kouta and left us with a cliffhanger.  Now, for chapter twelve: Kouta has trouble giving a reply to Kanade because he had some difficulty listening to her,  by the sound fireworks.  Also, by the image of Natsuki flashing through his mind.  Because of the awkward moment of not giving any kind of reply.  Kanade quickly changes subject and complements the fireworks that were going on around them.  On the walk back home, Kouta is doing all of the talking until it’s time to depart.  Kanade thanks him for the walk, says her farewell and she leaves.  Kouta, a bit confused over the situation, questioning himself if Kanade actually likes him or not.  And, why an idol from the school is interested in him to begin with.


When Kouta returns home, he finds Natsuki waiting for him outside.  She’s dressed in Yukata, Kouta’s friends were with her enjoying the fireworks themselves.  They requested Natsuki to wear one,  which was quite amusing.  Kouta feels a little down from his ordeal of the date,  and confesses to Natsuki about that night.  Concerned, she throws a barrage of question at Kouta of what went wrong, but is interrupted by a sudden downfall of rain.

In the house, Kouta and Natsuki are talking to each other when there’s a sudden phone call.  Kanade’s mom phoned that her daughter never made it home.  This causes alarm, and both Kouta and Natsuki make themselves a search team.  They search all around but no luck.  Natsuki remembers where she first met Kanade, she leads Kouta to the possible destination.  They split up in a better effort to find her quickly.

Natsuki is the one who ends up finding her.  It’s girl talk time, and the subject is Kouta.  It’s reveal that Natsuki put Kouta in a tough spot, and because of Kouta’s reaction, she’s regretting she did it in the first place.  Natsuki explains Kouta’s thought process, that she has nothing to worry about.  In a way, Kanade tells Natsuki that she didn’t need her advice in the first place.  In fact, she tells Natsuki that there’s no way in hell that’s losing to her.


School starts up again, and the summer vacation is over.  The whole school is rocked by the new hairstyle of Kanade.  It’s short, and Kouta is taking back from it.  Kanade is ready to take on Natsuki, and she’s not holding back.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Oh man, nothing like two girls fighting over you.  Haven’t experience that, but the people who have, I commend you.  We still don’t know Natsuki’s true agenda, and if she loves Kouta in a brother sister way or in lover type of manner.  But, Kouta is still stuck by the words of Chiaka, who should he choose: Kanade or Natsuki.  This chapter was fairly simple, not too much going on.  It focused on the relationship between Kouta, Natsuki and Kanade.  Chiaka wasn’t there to pick on Kouta, and the whole sleep routine between Natsuki and Kouta was missing.  It was all business, still there were times where the comedy kicked in.  Now, Kanade in her mind, its a competition for Kouta’s affection.  Natsuki is only playing along, and trying to make the relationship of those two possible.  Can’t wait for the next chapter, what stops is Kanade going to do?  She already dropped a big bomb shell on Kouta’s mind, her idol status at the school shot through the roof.  Is Natsuki going to do anything?  It’s a win, win situation for Kouta.

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