Needless episode 13


The Needless series had a huge upgrade in episode 13!  From the opening scene where Eve’s backside is shown.  How the blood is running down her leg and face.  The game room or playroom is suddenly dark.  I knew something has changed for the better.  There was a sense of direction, a purpose on the animation.  Detail, detail, the detail was really good.  May be I’m going over the top with this post.  I actually poster a preview for this episode that I thought it wouldn’t be subbed until Thursday to say the least.  And, since I only understood only about 4o % of the raw version which wasn’t bad, and I have to pad myself on the back for that.


It starts out from the aftermath of Eve’s slaughter of the remaining Misfits, which consisted Seto, Solva (I’m sad) and Teruyama.  Cruz-kun is bawling his eyes out, realizing that the end is near.  Disk interrupts his sorrows and tells him that they still have a slight chance of getting back Eve.  Adam Blade simply has to memorize Kurumi fragment “Black Attraction,” to reverse Eve’s mind control.  Their being monitor by one of Simeon’s four, Saten.  This intrigues him so much that he wants to make his presence in the battle field.

blades power

During that exchange, it’s reveal about the origin of Adam Blade’s fragment power.  The crystal on his forehead, the name of it is Byakugou.  It’s a device that allows him to enter someone’s consciousness and transfer data into his system to memorize it, or steal someone else fragment power.  Guido also goes by the name of Professor Rikudo Gin, one of the scientist that was a part of the “Adam Project.”



The plan is set, Cruz-Kun has to retrieve Kurumi’s dead corpse while Gido creates a distraction on the Pretty Girl Squad.  During this, Disc goes all out and exposes herself and uses all of her capabilities to bring back Blade from death.  By imposing some shock therapy.  Gido succeeds, Setsuna and Mio beat him to a pulp.  On the other end, Cruz-Kun almost has his hands on Kurumi body, but is stopped.  Saten finally makes his appearance which scares Cruz to the brink of death.


Saten pays a visit to the Pretty Girl Squad and questions their ability to finish a mission.   Setsuna begs him for a little more time to grab their objective; Blade.  He gives them five minutes to get it done.  Saten actually helps the Misfits by kicking Kurumi’s body towards Disc and Blade’s location.  And, the opportunity for Blade to use his ability.


The girls charge in to take out the remaining weaklings.  Blade is revived in time, and changes the tide against the squad.  In one last effort, Eve is instructed to finish off Blade.


Blade memorized the “Black Attraction” and commands Eve to destroy the ESP virus that is in her own body.  She is finally freed from it and reverts back to her old self.  With Eve’s Doppelganger fragment, heals Adam Blade’s wound, and is asked to heal the others.  Because of the Dero Doron drink supplement device, Eve has unlimited supply of her fragment power.  She goes over and revives the rest of her fallen comrades.




The Pretty Girl Squad make another attempt of taking out Blade.  Unfortunately for them, they’re met with Blade’s fierce power of all the fragments that he possesses.  Blade takes out Mio and Kuchinashi with ease and delivers to Setsuna one hell of a beating.


In a last ditch effort and that actually worked, Kuchinashi releases her ultimate attack; ‘Release Temptation.”  The part before everyone passes out from her fragrance, is shocked that Kuchinashi actually spoke a few words.  Once again the tide has turned, which leaves Saten with a smile.  On the preview for episode 14, I’m guessing the animation goes down a slight notch.  Gido is dead?  And, Cruz’s sister is back?!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Where to start, where to start!  The Animation on this episode was on a new whole level.  The detail was amazing.  Every aspect of the show went up one level.  It’s literally day for night.  The ecchi part of the show, because of the detail, was well..more ecchi!  Blood!  The huge amount of blood, it was bit over the top.  But, was appropriate for this series.  Some of the scenes were quite beautiful in my view.  Why, did it take this long for style of animation?!  Budget?  Directors view?!  Artist working on other projects?!  WHY?!

Saten aiding the other side was not the first.  There was a few times he deceive Siemon; the time to protect the location of the church, and he took a great interest in Eve.  But, what took me by surprise was how the Pretty Girl Squad feared him so much.  How strong is he?!  The squad was also afraid of Riru Roukakuji, so any of the powerful four strike fear within the organization.  Saten’s agenda should be reveal soon, I hope.

With Eve’ s supplement device, she seems to be unbeatable.  Her fragment gives her the ability to take on anyone she wants, and somehow stands a chance to win.  With her unlimited calorie supply, she healed everyone that she seriously injured in the past episode.   Speaking of which, Solva is alive!  I just can’t get enough of her split personality, I’ll be seeing her more in the upcoming episodes, well.. that’s if they don’t kill her off.

Once again the game room, or play room.  We’re in here for the past five episodes I think.  But, I’m not complaining or anything of the sort.  I happen to love an area where the Needless can go all out with their fragments.  The highlight points of this episode:  How they just toss around Kurumi body around like a rag doll.  Mio’s playful manner is always never a let down.  Kuchinachi always crossing out the mistakes on her notepad.  Just loved the part where Blade uses Seto’s fragment to halt Mio’s attack and her backside lands gently on his face.  I thought Blade was going to come out with a witty perverted remark, but no.

Disk is really becoming good character persona.  It was kind of interesting how in this episode she didn’t use her scan headset to shock Blade.  But, it made some sense because she wasn’t scanning him but shocking him.  This episode was pretty much the same as the last two or three.  When the Squad is finally going to lose, they always have an ace up their sleeve.  Again, changing the tide one more time.  On a final note, I’m still waiting around for Cruz -Kun to show if he has a fragment or not.  It would only make sense because of his sister, she has a fragment and their blood related sooooo..Episode 14, I hope sooner than later..

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