the upcoming fall anime season

The anime fall season is coming up.. These are the choices for my watch list, but I won’t necessarily blog about them, but I’ll try..You will notice that not every show for the fall is listed.  My plate is pretty full at the moment, with the current shows and the manga titles that I’m currently watching/reading..


White Album 2:  Touya Fuji, a college student, is dating a rising idol singer named Yuki Morikawa. There are numerous challenges to the couple’s relationship from the other people at Fuji’s college, Morikawa’s work, and elsewhere.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Since I know not a lot of sites are not going to blog about this.  I’ll pick up the torch and carry on.  I kinda fell in watching season one, a female friend of mine introduce it to me.  I know it’s a eroge game, I KNOW.. I’ll blog about it..


A Certain Scientific Railgun: Academy City. 2.3 million inhabitants. 80% of the students are active in the ‘Brain Development Program’ and out of those only 7 are Level 5s.  Meet the civilian protagonist Mikoto and her friend Kuroko, maintainers of peace and order in the University district. Kuroko is a member of ‘Judgement’.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: This is one show I been waiting for.  I was a big fan of Aru Majutsu no Index.  Mikoto is the main character.  The whole clone saga was my favorite angle of the show, and it really work.  The whole “Misaka, Misaka” in the dialogue from the clones which was quite interesting.  The way it is only 12 episodes for this adaptation, I hope the dialogue of the show is not dominated by exposition.  I might blog this…. may be.. okay.. most likely I will !


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza: A continuation of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. In the story, Yuuto Ayase is an ordinary boy in a private high school with the usual cliques. Haruka, the school’s most unattainable girl, is so idolized in the school for both her beauty and smarts that her classmates nickname her Nuit Étoile (The Silver Star of the Night) and Lumière du Clavier (The Shining Princess on the Piano). However, in the school’s library, Yūto stumbles across her and her darkest secret;  she is a diehard fan of anime, manga, and otaku culture.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: I followed season one, now it’s time for season two.  At times, the story was a bit slow.  But overall, did enjoy it.  The story is about a girl who is an otaku, which is every otaku’s dream.  A gorgeous female otaku.  She can be the poster child of an ideal Otaku…But, I won’t blog about this one.  I have a feeling that a lot of other anime sites are going to blog about this one.  If, the first episode does blow me away, I’ll be blogging this in no time.

Will wait and see: These are shows that I’ll watch the first episode.  Then, I’ll make the decision to either blogging  it or not.  Some have great potential.

-heaven’s Lost Property.

-fairy Tale

-darker Than Black ( I know, I know..It’s a big hype..awesome looking.. I know.. Just haven’t seen season one.)

The OVA’s. Can’t wait to see these.  I’ll blog about them, hoping they might be short.  But, OVA’s usually are.

-Kanokon- Manatsu no Daishanikusai.

-Hidamari Sketch x365 Special


Just spend a day planning my anime watch list.  Now that’s a productive.


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