needless episode 12



Summary: I would like to blog this anime; Needless, as soon as it comes out on air or available.  But, unfortunately, my Japanese is not up to par.  And, I guess the sub people don’t have the time for this series.  It takes about six days for an English subbed version to come out.. Getting to the post, LET’S GET IT ON!!! Three episodes of fighting in the girls room is not enough, that’s good for me!  The Pretty Girl Squad basically are going up against Seto, Solva and Teruyama. 3




During the battle, it’s more from the last episode, where the opponents usually pair off against each other and use their full capabilities of their fragments.  Seto played swords with Mio, which was epic.  And, of course, more of their clothes being damages that only adds more ecchi-ness to the show, and that’s a plus!  Solva has some difficulty with Eve, in which every attack she throws at the Doppelganger, she somehow manages to escape or withstand any attack from Solva.  Teruyama again fights Kuchinashi in a way where they cancel themselves out.   Since the fighting numbers are not even, Setsuna takes advantage and decided to take on Disc, Cruz-kun, Guido in an obvious mismatch.  Lucky for them, during the commotion, Teruyama was hiding in the shadows and saves them in the nick of time by giving Setsuna a blind-side attack (LITTLE-BOY ATTACK).



Cruz-kun figured out where Kurumi was hiding by the course of actions that took place during the battle between the Misfits and the Pretty Girl Squad.  The plan was set, and now the course of action is rolling along to take Kurumi down.  She was hiding in the bookshelf, the team drove a huge sized baseball in the middle of it, causing major damage to it.  Because of the damages,  a wooden piece from it,  ended up going through Kurumi, stabbing her.  After her death from wound, and the thought was this would set Eve free.   Killing the person that set the mind control virus.   But, unfortunate for the rest of the misfits,”Black Attraction” stays with the infected no matter Kurumi is dead or not.


This leaves Seto, Solva and Teruyama dead!  With little or no hope, Guido, Disc and Cruz-kun are left to save Adam Blade from the clutches of death.. lots of luck..

What Mr. Mask Think: NOOOOOOO!  Not Solva, well, I’m little sad about the others.  But, Solva was getting up there with my list of favorite anime characters.  And, how or why the misfits died so easily, is Eve this strong?! This episode was the same as the last one, the good guys start off slow and gain momentum to turn the tides.  And twice,  Eve ends up turning the table’s right back to the favor of Simeon’s army or group.  Yep, pretty much a repeat.  But, it didn’t’ really matter because the humor was still there and the intense dialogue with awesome fighting still continued.  At the end, it’s all that matters.  Lately, I been kinda worried about this show and the upcoming season of the fall line-up.  The reason Needless made it onto my watch list, was because the summer season was so awful with other anime shows.  Well, shows to my liking, I follow certain series.  Only three made it this summer.  I’ll do a quick rundown in a few days about the shows that I didn’t blog about, but still saw during this season, new and old series.


I guess dying is almost the same during this show.  This scene above looks awfully familiar to a scene back in episode 7. Memo to the writer, I know it’s an awesome ability to kill this way, but twice?!  When I witness Eve killing three of Misfits in this fashion, I quickly remembered Simeon did the same killing move.


Still enjoying the series for what it is.  A great action/ecchi comedy that has likable characters.  I can’t wait for the second part of Needless series to cross over the timeline of the fall season!!


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