Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 11 (final)


Summary:  The final episode starts off with Mirai walking back home from her ordeal that she finally realize that Yuki is dead.  He reappears again, the story continues with the angle that she can still see him.  His only request to her is that he wants to go back home.  She takes Yuki along or escorts him back .


The siblings finally reach their home.  Once Yuki enters his room, he begins to disappear.  Saying his final farewell to Mirai where she can’t help but to grieve over Yuki’s demise.  Mirai reunites with her parents in an emotional moment, and the discussing of Yuki’s death begins.


One month has passed, Tokyo is in the midst of building itself back up.   The Onosawa family is trying to move on with the lost of Yuki.  They struggle, but it seems that life is going to continue for them as a united family.


Mari pays a visit Mirai, and returns her cell phone and Yuki’s backpack.  Mirai goes though her text-message inbox, and finds a message from Yuki that was sent from Mari’s phone before he died.  The message is sad and funny at the same time, he writes that the phone alien should always carry their phone.  Also, he hopes that he can get a phone soon too so he can talk to her whenever they are not together.  Mari comforts her and tells her about the struggles she has gone through with the lost of her husband many years ago.  With Yuki’s returned backpack, she gets to give a few precious gifts to her mother.   A picture drawn by Yuki, and the jewely type gift.


By the end, Marai is watering the same plant that Yuki planted way back in episode one.  She finally decides to move on with her life and that Yuki will always be a part of her life.  At the end of the closing credits, it shows Marai and Tokyo continuing life in a post earthquake society.

What Mr. Mask thinks:  This episode was a sad one, it push me to the limit at times because of the story or the emotional situations that were well translated onto the screen.  As for the series itself, I chose to watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 was mainly because of the trailer.  Trailers are a huge reason I pick anything to watch, from television to the big screen.

The series was good, not awesome, but good.  Even though the last three episodes was basically about Yuki’s death, I’ll let that one go because of the overall story was good.  I wish they would of touch upon the dark parts of society.  How at times, man would be selfish and think about only themselves instead of helping others.  And, would rob or kill just to make out ahead to survive.   The parts that the series that they did touch upon was how people are really friendly and willing to help out others in a time of need.  The characters of the series were likeable in my eyes, Mari was good example of what people are willing to do for each other during a crisis that affects everyone.   As for Marai and Yuki, well it’s a basic sister and brother relationship, they fight and love each other.  It really work for me.  The show’s creators did their homework on earthquakes, because the situations were quite realistic, and people did die.  Now that took back, the fact that people did actually die in the series.  During disasters, it’s just a part of life, during those situations people often die or are seriously hurt.   When someone actually does die, an individual must be strong and be able to live on and not to dwell on the past.  Keeping the memories of love ones, is the strength that one needs to move on.  I’m glad to put this show under my belt.   Time to update my Animelist!

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