Ane-Doki chapter 11


The rundown for ch.11.  Basically it’s starts out with a casual situation where Chiaka is again fighting or picking a fight with Kouta where he easily gets irritated and lashes back at her.   Natsuki is just in the middle as an innocent bystander and observing the great chemistry that her sister and Kouta have.

Kouta is still moaning about the fallout on the huge misunderstanding with Kanade.  Natsuki decides to take matters into her own hands and fix up Kouta and Kanade on a date, the upcoming firework fair is the destination for that.  Reluctant to participate, he goes along and manages to make it through a phone conversation with Kanade.  After the ordeal, he’s relief and happy that Kanade accepted the invitation to the firework fair.  Chiaka is next to them witnessing everything and is at a lost for words.


Natsuki leaves the house to run some errands.  Chiaka confronts Kouta and starts asking him questions about if he has any feelings towards Natsuki.  This catches Kouta off guard, and doesn’t know how to answer her except by giving out a vague explanation that didn’t really go no where.  Then it finally hits him, is it possible all this time, the one he wants is Natsuki?  More tension builds up during their usual sleep routine between Natsuki and Kouta and now with Chiaka.  Natsuki again ends up on top of Kouta, but this time is different because he’s in the feeling’s type of mode and Natsukis actions doesn’t help.


It’s the big day for Kouta with his date with Kanade.  Before he leaves, Natsuki get’s him a Yukata.  And, she literally takes off his clothes and helps him into the yukata.  Quite embarrass, he goes along with her actions.  Knowing in his mind that he’s confused over the matter of having feelings for Katsuki.  Before he departs, he receives a special lucky charm from Natsuki that definitely helped Kouta during his date with Kanade.

During the date, everything seems to go right for Kouta.  Kanade has a slight of a different outcome,  she injures her foot which was a bad and good thing at the same time.  With this situation, an opportunity opens up between them to get closer.  He carries her during the festival because of her injury.  When they settled down, and both start to figure how to stabilize her foot.  Kanade confesses her feelings to Kouta, which ended on that note.


What Mr. Mask thinks;  Well, things got a lot interesting.  I believe I’m wrong about the whole Chiaka and Kouta angle.  But, mostly every manga that Mizuki Kawashita ever wrote involves a characters that argue with one and another, and eventually will fall for each other is some way.   Getting to this chapter 11, Kouta has another great development, his feelings towards Natsuki is becoming more clear and Chiaka made him realize it.  Stepping into Kouta’s shoes, it must feel that a huge roadblock has appear in front of him from reaching his goal of getting involve with Kanade.  And, may be he doesn’t want to overcome that roadblock because its Natsuki!!  He tries to explain to Chiaka that there’s a four year difference in age, and no way he could have feelings for her older sister.  But, four years?  It really doesn’t make a difference.   Now, he has a chance to be with the girl that he wanted to be with in the first place, and Natsuki is now standing in the way of Kouta’s decision.   Dilemma, dilemma..   The safe bet would be to choose Kanade, the reason would be Natsuki is just too mysterious in my book.  But, since I don’t know the outcome of the whole series, it’s just great to keep on reading this to find out.


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