Needless Episode 11


Finally!  I get to do a post on one of my favorite anime’s for the summer season.  I know episode twelve will start later on today or tomorrow.. but, better late than never..  To get things started, episode ten was just a filler to give the information on how Blade, Solva and Seto met.   Now, getting to episode 11, all of the gang are contemplating their next move when suddenly the pretty girl squad (Setsuna, Mio, Kuchinashi and no way they could die this early) suddenly show up.  Recovered from Seto’s  fatal gravity finishing attack, they’re feisty as ever.


They decide to interrupt the Misfits reunion and go for the attack.   Gido, Cruz Schild, Disc are not fighters.   This leaves the fight to Adam Blade, Momiji Teruyama, Solva and Seto.   Fight commences, the Pretty Girl Squad has no idea what they’re up against so they charge in with fierce confidence.   And for that, they get destroyed.  Solva, a bit irritated over being under estimated by the Pretty Girl Squad, with her awesome split personality deals with Setsuna and Kuchinashi single handedly.  Seto soon follows after and gives Mio all she can handle.


During the battle, Disc basically breaks down Solva’s fragment and explains how powerful she really is.  With the awesome display of the power leaves Cruz saying amazing a couple of times.   The group decides to literally mop the floor with the Pretty Girl Squad.


The Pretty Girl Squad had enough and decide to stop fighting and give up Eve Neuschwanstein, who was being held captive.  Adam gets taking by surprise on how easily the squad gave up.  Without thinking, he decides to take their word (sorta) and retrieve Eve which she was being shackle on a cross type wooden beam.   During the process of being freed, suddenly Eve goes into her Doppelganger fragment where her arm transform into a drill and lets Adam have it.

eve stabs

Everyone is in shock and in scramble mode to find any reasoning towards her actions.   Another member of the pretty girl squad appears: Kurumi with her “black attraction” fragment and is the one that has Eve brainwashed.  From this, Adam is on the floor dying while everyone gathers around him.  Gido steps in and advises everyone that Blade is not out of commission and let’s everyone know that Eve’s fragment is the only thing that can save Adam from going out of commission.  Disc offers help, from her medical knowledge stabilizes Blade from meeting death head on.

evefights fire

The rest of Misfits continue without Adam Blade into battle with the Pretty Girl Squad and their newly member; Eve.   Cruz figures out a way to stop Eve, he remembers from an earlier battle that Eve-Chan loses energy (calories) quickly during the use of her fragment.  He advices everyone about this, and this turns into their actual game plan.

eve exposed

Setsuna chimes in, and let’s them know that their plan is foolish.  Explains, no matter what they do to Eve, she will never run out of energy (calories).  The Simeon company gave Eve and endless supply of Super Gel Dero Doro Drink, which is attach to her body.  Leaving the misfits to a plan B, if there is one?!

What Mr. Mask Thinks?  This is another amusing episode of Needless.  Unfortunately, the sites on the site of my blog that I follow rarely talk about this series.  Is it because it doesn’t suit their taste, the huge Loli factor?  I don’t really understand that notion.  Or factors that I don’t even know about.   This is something that would be a hit in “Adult Swim” on the cartoon network due to the content that it has; the loli factor, the random things that happen and the awkward situations that it presences.  During battles for example; they often insult themselves or are taking back by someones else actions or reasoning.  The facial expression are priceless, the simple things such as that easily pleases me.   Adam Blade is quite the character, he’s biggest weakness are girls, which for me is very amusing and that act never gets old.

I’m still waiting for Saten to make some kind of move.  Throughout the whole series, he seems to have his own agenda.  He helped the Misfits already, and during these two last episodes, he seems to be interested in Eve.  Nevertheless, it’s just a waiting game for now and see what his plans are.

So far, my favorite Needless character is Solva.  I think because of her fragment and her awesome split personality, she really stands out in my opinion.  I was glad to see the Pretty Girl Squad did not die so easily.  Their chemistry is so good, may be its the way Kuchinashi always makes a mistake on her signs.  Mio’s beyond moe factor.  And, Setsuna tom-boyish ways.  The squad is one my favorite villain groups in all of my anime and manga readings.  For me, humor plays a big factor on how I continue watching a certain series, and this certainly does that.  Again, with its randomness humor, I can’t get enough of this series.  From what I seen from the preview, the battle will continue with the Misfits fighting a up-hill battle.  Good luck Misfits.


Just to get this off my chest, I know the creator of this anime/manga/idea/story was heavily influenced by an X-Men series back in the late 90’s; “The Age of Apocalypse.” Even though I have no proof, but it’s just an assumption, what ever that’s worth.   The Comparisons are so close.  Hopefully at the end of the series, I’ll make that comparison clear.


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