Anime: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Ep. 10


Dramatic irony!  Mirai continuous to be in denial or mentally unaware about Yuki’s death.  This screen cap obviously is setting up the climax to this episode, which is the real truth about Yuki… That he’s dead!  Throughout the episode, she continues to have some kind of connection to Yuki’s spirit, she can still see him, so they both continue their journey back home.  Once they arrive, Mirai finds a schoolmate of hers named Mayu in the park.  Once Marai and Mayu begin a conversation (Yuki is not around, he’s playing off somewhere..Dramatic irony!!) great news is revealed, Mirai’s parents did make it out okay from the big earthquake.

Mirai and Yuki come upon a school turn into a shelter where their parents are said to be staying.  They’re also searching for Yuki’s best-friend Itsuki.  Yuki again wonders off (of course) while Mirai goes into the gymnasium and finds some information about her parents.  But, the reunion has to wait until the next episode because she didn’t encounter neither of them.  Mirai gets in touch with Itsuki, and they both decide to look for Yuki.   She gets to see him a couple of times, but every-time Itsuki comes around Yuki is nowhere to be found.


Because of Yuki’s disappearing act, Mirai’s self-consciousness kicks in, realizing that something is wrong.  Itsuki and Mirai continue looking for Yuki inside the school.  She stumbles upon a classroom where Yuki is inside looking at his school work.  After seeing a few of Yuki’s school work, she can’t stop tearing up.


After an aftershock, Mirai protects Yuki and Itsuki. Once the earthquake is over, Yuki is gone.  He reappears and gives Mirai a reality check and tells her the truth that he’s dead.   He hesitated at first, but just drops her the boom at the end!

What Mr. Mask thinks: This actually a short summary because nothing really happens in this episode.  This is short series, I’ll give more points on what I think about the series once it’s done.  Getting back to this episode; I just love dramatic irony, how the audience knows and the character doesn’t know the situation.  It’s a bit sad to me that Mirai has trouble coming to grips with reality.  Understandbly because it’s family, blood, someone you love deerly.   I also feel sorry for Itsuki, there were a few akward moments where Mirai was telling him that Yuki was around, and he can only agree with her but not see Yuki himself.  He had a few facial expressions that were “ooookayy” type of expression during Mirai’s behavior.  Episode 11 will be the aftermath of Yuki’s death, how the Onosawa family will deal with his death.

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  1. Keroro

    I’ve watched this movie. It was hard to grasp, but very touching. I was near tears. Especially when in the next part Yuuki says “I love you, sister!” and completely fades away from the bed.

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